Friday, January 24, 2014

Diesel Kid Presents TEN: A Celebration of Tristin + Tyler's Birthday and a Dance Party for Kids Big Dreams!

A couple weekends ago, Aiden and I had the opportunity to party like rockstars with the coolest twins in NYC, Tristin and Tyler! We headed to Greenwich Village for an afternoon of fun and play at Fuzipop at The Pink Elephant to celebrate the duo's tenth birthday and the event, which was presented by Diesel Kids, did not disappoint. I mean, these kid reporters and TV personalities know how to throw a party!

The jam-packed celebration featured photo-ops with the twins, a glow-in-the-dark kids' dance party to the tunes of 9-year-old DJ Kai Song, several arts and crafts stations, and lots of sweet treats! Aiden enjoyed all the activities, but really, really enjoyed the sweet treats. (What can I say? The kid's got a sweet tooth… just like his momma.) I enjoyed watching Aiden have a great time, and I even had a chance the chat-it-up with a few blogging buddies, Brianne, Monica, and Tiffany.

Sponsors for the event included Kids Foot Locker, which provided gift cards for parents to pick up sneakers and sportswear that'll keep kids active, WAT-AHH!, the kids bottle water company, Babiekins Magazine, which is a kids' go-to magazine for all things trendy, and New York Family Magazine, the ultimate guide for things-to-do with your family in the big apple.

Thanks so much to Tristin and Tyler and mom Tiffany for hosting such a fun, hip, and family-friendly event! Happy tenth birthday, boys! We wish you many more years of success, health, happiness, and, of course, fashion!

{Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. Event attendees received a gift bag, which included items from the event sponsors.}


  1. You and Aiden go to the best events! I followed the photos on Instagran. Looks like it was a blast!

  2. You and Aiden rock for taking time out to hang with us on "family Sunday"! Thanks so much! xxx

  3. What an incredible party - right? It was SO great to spend time with you and your little rockstar. xx

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