Friday, January 17, 2014

Still Awake, Still! at The New Victory Theater

It is morning. Aiden and I are on the train, heading to his school and we're chatting about a recent trip to the theater -- our favorite parts, the funny parts, if we'd like to see it again... everything! There is laughter. There is joy. There is learning.

To me, this is like a NYC Summer night -- bliss. I love talking about these things with Aiden and I love that he enjoys going to the theater so much and getting some culture. This is mostly because I hardly ever had the chance to go to the theater or experience the excitement of seeing a live show as a kid, save for a few times that I went to the theater on a school trip.

The New Victory Theater is hands down one of our favorite places to check out live performances. This weekend will be no different. We'll be heading to the children's theater in Times Square to see Still Awake Still! as well as participate in The New Victory Family Workshop, Story Time Sing Along.

The show is based on the awesome songs from the children's bedtime book, I'm Still Awake, Still!, by Elizabeth Honey. And if you've ever experienced the joy of a bedtime power struggle (sense the sarcasm), then you and your kids will totally relate to the book. And the show.

Still Awake Still! features Miss Ivory Tinklefinger, her grand piano, and her sweet-singing voice as she attempts to calm the rowdiest kids and get them to sleep. However, one day, her piano begins to produce more than just notes. What will ensue? I can't wait to see the show and find out!

I'm sure it'll be entertaining, funny, and engaging. But most importantly, it'll be another opportunity for Aiden and me to get some culture, create some memories, and bond over our shared love -- theater.

Still Awake Still! has been created for children ages 4-7 and is 45-minutes long with no intermission. Tickets start at just $14. Visit the website for more information about the show and to purchase tickets. And while you're at it, get the scoop on The New Victory Family Workshop. With innovative and unique workshops led by teaching artists, participants can learn fun performance skills. Aiden and I participated a few weeks ago and we're excited to go back this weekend. No performance or theater experience is necessary and it's a great way for the entire family to get moving and have some fun! 

{Disclaimer: I am being provided with tickets to Still Awake Still! in order to facilitate this promotion. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

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