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Finding Single Parent Love with

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Single ladies, brace yourself because your love life just got a little bit sexier. 

I know what you're thinking... 
"I don't have time to go on dates because I have children."
"Dating is expensive as a single mom because I have to pay for the babysitter."
"Sex?! What's that?!"

I've been there. Many times. But you really can have a fulfilling dating life and you really can find love as a single mom. You just need to be pointed in the right direction. 

Enter online dating

I know what you're thinking...
"Online dating is filled with a bunch of weirdos."
"I never meet anyone I'm interested in."
"I never meet anyone who's interested in dating a single mother."

I've been there too. Plenty of times. 

Remember the obnoxious lawyer guy? Oy! I've met some pretty weird people online and even closed my account for a few weeks because I needed to break-up with my online dating site. But, the tables always turn and things always start to look up. 


One-third of Match's members are single parents, and Match believes that just because you're a single parent doesn't mean that your search for love should be over. (No dry spells over here!) If you're afraid to jump on the online dating bandwagon, don't be. A recent study shows that 67% of men are willing to date a single mom. So... go ahead and get your Stella on. (That was a How Stella Got Her Groove Back reference.)

I had the chance to have some pressing questions answered by Match's relationship expert, Whitney Casey, and here's what she had to say:

Mommy Delicious: Are potential dates "scared off" when they find out you're a parent on your profile?
Whitney Casey: Actually, quite the opposite! We found that over 2/3 of single men are interested in dating a single parent. And even more, over 1/3 of members on Match are single parents themselves! The site is a simple way to put yourself out there with other singles like yourself, and without feeling you like you have to hide details about your life like single parenthood.

MD: How long do you think is an appropriate amount of time before letting a date know the circumstances that led to single parenthood?
WC: I’d challenge you to have at least two dates before you mention your children OR your past relationship. Though your past relationships DO affect the person you are today, you don’t have to invite your ex to your date. Once the topic does come up, give the 2-minute version – not every juicy detail – and move on to a new topic.  And remember, this is not the time to vent about your split -- turn to a supportive friend, a family member or a therapist instead.

MD: How long should single parents wait to introduce their dates to their child/children?
WC: I think it’s important for your kids to know you are dating again, but approach this topic with caution. This is a new situation for them too, so make sure your kids aren’t being introduced to a new date week after week – I think it’s best to make sure you and your partner are in a solid (read: monogamous) relationship before making the first intro. Also, depending on the age of your kids, I might suggest introducing your date as your “friend” whom you are excited for them to get to know. Of course this will all depend on how aware and supportive your children are about you getting back into the dating scene, but it’s a good starting point for any mom or dad.

MD: If a single parent is dating and ready to sleep with his/her date, how should they handle it if the single parent cannot sleep over because they need to relieve the babysitter? 
WC: It’s best to make your date aware of your schedule and plans at the beginning of the date, instead of the end of the date when you are trying to run out the door to relieve the babysitter.   A simple, “I am so excited we have 3 hours to spend together!” should do the trick.  

Let's take Whitney's tips and run with it... all the way to and into the online dating world. There's some great love prospects waiting to meet you.

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  1. very nice. didn't realize the stats for single parents on match were so rich. I will share this info with all my single mommy friends.

    the single mom advisor
    Kerri Zane


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