Monday, September 9, 2013

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark

It was like high-flying acrobatics meets larger-than-life acting. The set was an amazing depiction of easily recognizable New York City locations, such as the Chrysler building and the Empire State Building.
There were moments of gasping -- lots of it. And there were moments of oohing, aahing, widening of  our eyes, and sitting at the edge of our seats to see what will happen next.

I'm talking about Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark, which is currently playing on Broadway.

Aiden and I received tickets to the show, and I was particularly ecstatic about taking him to see it because I'd heard so many great things about it. We had orchestra seating, which is a flying zone, and when I told Aiden that Spider-Man would be flying around in the theater, his enthusiasm totally matched mine. Actually, it exceeded mine. Spider-Man is one of his favorite characters and Aiden couldn't wait to see him "catch the bad guys," as he put it.

The show did not disappoint.

Although it was a bit lengthy for an almost six-year-old (the show is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes long), it felt as though it was a good mixture of a child-friendliness and adult-themed. Aiden really enjoyed seeing Spider-Man in action, and I was a sucker for the love story.

The special effects are amazing. There was a really sweet moment when Spider-Man was running incredibly fast, and in order to depict it effectively, there were several Spider-Men utilized. Aiden thought it was so cool, and I thought it was so well-orchestrated. I was impressed.

The scenery and set are certainly highlights of the play. There is a 2D style of comic book paneling, which is beyond awesome. The final showdown between the hero and the villain will make you forget that the show was a little longer than expected and have you sitting in awe.

If you see the show, be prepared to sit a little longer than you'd expect. But be prepared to be wowed by the aerial stunts, specials effects, and amazing stunts.

Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark is currently playing at The Foxwoods Theatre in Times Square -- 213 West 42nd Street. Visit the website for more information on ticket purchases as well as show times.

Also, you can celebrate back-to-school with Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark! Spider-Man will be giving away limited edition Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark backpacks to all children who attend the show!* Aiden received a backpack when we attended the show, which was the icing on the cake to a lovely afternoon.

Buy a ticket today and collect your backpack at the Foxwoods when you come and fly high with your favorite New York superhero. You might even be the lucky winner of the weekly golden ticket which will win you and your party a tour backstage and a meet and greet with the webslinger himself!
*While stocks last.

{Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets to the show in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}

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  1. Moo is obsessed with Spider Man! If we were closer, I would definitely take her to see it.


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