Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{Personal Style} Fall Transitions

soccer jeans, shirt, puffer vest: H&M; shoes: UGG Australia 

Confession: I still have my cabbage patch doll from when I was growing up. She came with me to college, several apartments after college, and is currently sitting on the rocking chair in my bedroom. She's a true pal and I love her!

That's why I was wildly excited when I received an invitation to the 30th anniversary celebration of Cabbage Patch Kids. Aiden and I headed to the Eventi hotel near Midtown Manhattan he experienced all things cabbage patch dolls. I was feeling all nostalgic and whatnot as I walked through the gallery to view the history of dolls.

Aiden was so afraid of the giant cabbage patch doll!
It was sunny and cool out, and Aiden wore the perfect Fall transition outfit -- jeans, a button-down shirt, and a vest.

At the event, Aiden took it upon himself to color his hair blue. Don't worry though -- it was only hair chalk. He then walked around the city asking me if he looked like a "cool kid." Indeed, Aiden. Indeed.

 Hope you guys are having a fabulous week and the beginning of the new season is treating you well.

Stay stylish! 


  1. Love the style, Have two baby boys love styling them.

  2. Aiden is just sooo photogenic. Love that outfit on him.

  3. Love Cabbage Patch Dolls! I had mine from when I was little up until a few years ago. She got lost in a move and hasn't been seen since. I've been thinking about getting a set-a girl for Moo and a boy for JJ. I think it' would be nice to have shared childhood memories with the kiddies.

    And Aiden is getting so big!

  4. I WISH I still had my cabbage patch dolls. Just the birth certificate. :-( Thinking of giving my little man a mohawk.hmmm Looks good on your son.

  5. Aiden is such a cutie pie! He is getting so tall. I always love his style!

  6. I'll never forget when my big cousin gave me a cabbage patch doll. It had to be the best day of my little 6 year old life. I used to love these dolls.


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