Friday, September 13, 2013

This School Year, I Wish...

That Aiden's teachers will be kind, caring, loving, and understanding.

That Aiden will grow academically, his love for reading will increase exponentially, he'll get a great grasp of number sense, he'll enjoy science and history and writing. (Writing is always a tough one for him because he doesn't enjoy it as much and he's got lots of work to do with his handwriting.)

That he continue to be curious and ask lots of meaningful questions.

That he'll continue to explore and think critically.

That he'll think for himself and have the courage to speak up for what he believes in.

This year, I wish that Aiden's teachers will encourage him to be curious and think critically and explore and ask questions. Lots of them.

That his teachers won't get annoyed when he wants to know why things are the way that they are. Instead they'll give him a thumbs up and tell him to keep asking questions and keep growing his brain.

This year, I wish that Aiden will continue to be sweet and kind and caring to all of his friends. That he'll be understanding and flexible and contagiously optimistic.

That he'll make friends. And want to schedule play dates. And want to go to birthday parties.

That he'll continue to be resilient and push forward to achieve his goals.

That he'll learn to deal with his frustrations in an effective way. (You see, he's a perfectionist -- like his mama -- and when he can't get something right away, it frustrates him. A lot. But, we're working on it.)

That he'll continue to hone his skills in swimming and soccer and maybe even begin to love a new sport (I'm thinking karate or baseball.)

Above all, this year, I wish that Aiden will be happy. And come into his own even more.

It's going to be a great school year. I'm claiming it! He may be in a single parent household, but he's got me in his corner and I'd do the impossible for him. Twice.

Can't wait to watch him grow...


  1. Had similar thoughts for the beginning of the school year but wrote it in the form of a pray.
    May our children do well and flourish this school year.

  2. Yay Aden!! Try switching the "I wish" to "I declare" and speak that right on into existence for your baby boy! :-)

  3. Good luck with the school year to Aiden and mommy!

  4. Awesome! Good luck to you guys. (:

  5. Aww... I'm sure that Aiden is going to have an amazingly wonderful school year.

  6. i love all the positive energy that is being put into this year for Aiden...good luck with the school year!

  7. Gosh he is such a cute kid. I know he'll do awesome because of all the positive vibes and love around him :)

  8. It must be every mothers prayer. I have two little brown boys and I know at a very young age, teachers in our kids lives can choose to lift them up or break them down. And my prayers is that of many mothers. Love your post. "That Aiden's teachers will be kind, caring, loving, and understanding".


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