Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hip Hop 4 Life's Shades of Beauty Women of Inspiration Brunch and Awards Ceremony

A few Saturdays ago, I found myself in a room surrounded by an incredible group of women. I attended the Hip Hop 4 Life's Shades of Beauty Women of Inspiration Brunch and Awards Ceremony at Long Island University. And, man, I should have brought a box of tissues with me because every speech was so heartfelt and passionate. Each person recognized at the brunch was a true inspiration to young ladies and to me. 

Hip Hop 4 Life is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the lives of the young people it serves. They do this by providing interactive life skill training and health and wellness programs aimed at engaging and educating it's members to lead extraordinary lives.

[Photo opp with Founder and
Executive Director, Tamekia Flowers-Holland]
Shades of Beauty is Hip Hop 4 Life's personal development program designed to help young ladies develop and foster healthy self-esteem and body image, build confidence, and define their self-worth. The program was created because Hip Hop 4 Life's Founder and Executive Director, Tamekia Flowers-Holland struggled with her own issues of self-esteem and negative body image as a teenager and young lady (haven't we all?), and felt that such a program for young ladies was imperative.

And it is.

And the fundraiser brunch proved it.

As I sat in my seat, surrounded by the likes of Michaela angela Davis, Kela Walker, and VIBE Vixen's Niki McGloster, jamming to DJ Jason Grae on the 1's and 2's, I got goosebumps.

[Michaela angela Davis receiving the U.N.I.T.Y. Award]
[Photo opp with the talented Kela Walker]
Goosebumps because of the work that Shades of Beauty has done with it's young ladies.

Goosebumps because of the young ladies schooling us and letting us know that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Indeed ladies, indeed.

Goosebumps because of the motivational speaker who encouraged us to "tap into [our] frequency" (Deja "Deja Vu" Parker).

Goosebumps because motivational speaker, Kheperah Kearse giving us a little reminder -- "You have everything inside of you to blow up; You just have to take a moment, be still, and figure out what that is."

[Young ladies schooling us on the definition of beauty]
I was so inspired that I was moved to go up to Founder and Executive Director, Tamekia Flowers-Holland at the end of the brunch to not only commend her on a job well done, but also to let her know that I'd love to get involved as a mentor or volunteer!

Hip Hop 4 Life is doing great things with our future generation, and you too can get involved in this amazing program by visiting their website to donate, become a "Professor of the Day," a mentor, or a volunteer.

[Photo opp with Rondel Holder of Creative Genius Branding]
Thanks so much to Rondel Holder of Creative Genius Branding for inviting me to such an inspiring brunch. Thanks to Tamekia Flowers-Holland for having me and for all your hard work. You're doing awesome things -- stay the course.

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Press ticket to this brunch, and event attendees received a gift bag. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


  1. What a great organization. It's so important that we have organizations like this to help our youth. A lot of kids today are lost and need a place and people to help them get and stay on the right path.

  2. Indeed a great organization and event. Thanks for sharing, I would love to see something like that in the Chicagoland area. Can I have your clutch? Too cute!

    1. Girl, that clutch was giving me LIFE! LOL

  3. Hand that gorgeous purse over and no one will get hurt lol

  4. Great event! Love this dress!!! I have it in yellow :)

  5. This is amazing!!! I'm sure I would have been in tears too. Such an important message for our community!! Awesome!

  6. stop looking so fierce, you're making jealous
    Xo Megan

  7. i love your bun! <3 and that color looks gorgeous on you (:

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  8. What an opportunity and what a great organization. You will be a great asset to their team.

  9. What a great group! And so nice of you to volunteer, too.

  10. Looks like an awesome event. You look beautiful and I love the bag you're carrying.

  11. Sounds and looks like an awesome event!! Love the new layout!

  12. Such a beautiful organization, one that will touch many lives positively. As soon as a read a little about it, I just knew you would get involved. Wishing you lot of enriching experiences through this and all the best!

  13. That is an awesome mission they have. And it's super awesome that you were able to attend the event!! How cool is that.

  14. Cool organization.

    Love the outfit. And the clutch. And I REALLY need for you to tell me where you got that necklace. :0)

  15. Although this particular organization isn't in my city I've been pondering the Boys & Girls Club as a volunteer spot. I told you your post are speaking to me st this hour. #motivated

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