Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beauty and Brains: Essential Makeup and Money Tips

[L to R: Sarah of The Stroller Ballet, Nicole of Momtrends, Yours Truly.
Photo via Momtrends]
Last week, I headed to NYC's Meatpacking District to the salon, blow NY for an event hosted by the Momtrends events team. Along with other Bloggers (some of my fave NYC all-stars) and other media personnel, we enjoyed mini-makeovers and blowouts, as well as chatted about all things make-up and money (or beauty and brains, as I like to call it).

Make-up tips:
In-between makeup touch ups from QVC bareMinerals -- the makeup that is 100% natural and without preservatives -- bareMinerals expert, Jessica Foust shared tips and tricks with the crowd. Here are a few of the take-away points (you know, just in case you missed my tweets about it):

  • Less is more. No really! I've said this before, and I'll say it again: most of the time, all you'll need is tinted moisturizer, black mascara, blush, and a lipgloss (or lipstain depending on your preference)
  • Get the right brush! You'll need a different brush for your foundation and blush application. And as Nicole says, "When it comes to makeup, you're only as good as your brush." Ditto!
  • "Pretty is; beauty does." (Take from that what you will...)
[L to R: Me, JillBrianneSerenaNicole, and Kerri. Photo via Momtrends.]

Money tips:
After discussing makeup (or the "beauty" portion of the event), we moved on to talking about money (or "brains"). Personal Finance Expert and author of the "My Money Matters" kit, Galia Gichon, shared a load of useful information and I'm excited to share it with you. Here are Galia's three personal finance strategies that every mom needs to know:

Create a Customized Spending Plan
  • Calculate your fixed expenses, then "pay yourself" so you'll be able to save for vacation, emergency savings, debt payments, college for the kids, and whatever else comes up
  • Use an online budgeting tool such as
Make Retirement A Priority
  • Consolidate your old IRAs or 401Ks into one firm such as
  • Continue saving for your retirement with a ROTH IRA, Spousal IRA, or SEP IRA -- no matter what! 
  • And my all time favorite? Start. Saving. Now. I've said this back in January after attending the GoGirl Finance event with Glamamom: If you save $5,000/year in your 20's, by the time you're ready to retire around the ages of 65 or 70, you'll have... err... a lot more money saved up than if you were to start saving in your 40's. 
Make Sure You're Covered
  • Be sure to have an updated will (guardian, trustee, living will, and health care proxy).
  • Be sure to have enough life insurance -- stick with a term life insurance unless your finances are in excellent order.
Part of being beautiful is making sure that your finances are in order and setting up systems so that you are as financially stable as possible. Then and only then can you feel just as beautiful as you look!

Thanks to Momtrends for hosting such a fun and necessary event!

{Disclaimer: Event attendees received gift bags. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}



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  2. Amen! Less is more. That's my rule. I don't want to end with a clown face thinking I'm cute. Lol.

  3. Looks like you had a good time.

    Last year was a financially challenging year and I promised myself that when 2012 came, I will by bills and other financial obligations and I swear, the best feeling in the world is to be financially free. There were a few things that came up, but knowing that I had the money to take of those things took a little of the edge off!

  4. I always love your recaps Alicia. And thanks for making me quote worthy!

  5. LOL @ Inyeda (clown face thinking I'm cute...)!

    Lots of great tips here. I actually don't wear foundation or blush (mostly because I'm too lazy to include that in my routine), but I do believe less is more. Give me a little eyeliner, some mascara, and some tinted gloss, and I'm happy.

    Great money tips, too. I started saving for retirement aggressively in my early 20s but had to alter that when I had a baby. Gotta get back on that.

    We do have plenty of life insurance, so I'm good there. But we don't have a will. Not smart, and certainly something on my "big things" to do list.

    Great tips, A. And love how you're always up in these blogging events. Rocking it!

  6. I use bareMinerals and love it. You all look great with your blow outs and make up!

  7. So true. I have to try bare minerals...great tips.

  8. awesome tips! Saving now in your 20s is so important! I so don't want to be caught out there in my 40s freaking out because I only have 20 more years to save...

  9. I love the tips, dear! Keeping it fresh--you look amazing! :) I chose you to receive two blog awards from me! Check out this link to claim them:

    Congrats and I look forward to your next post! :)


  10. Thank you for the tips! Especially on the financial aspect. Saving is so important, as is living within our means. Something we need to also teach our children.

  11. Nicole always throws the best event! These tips are really good!!

  12. Wonderful news!! My wife is very beauty conscious people. She always try to make her nice look and save money as well. I love your tips and saving money for my future generation. Thanks
    win money tips


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