Monday, July 2, 2012

{Personal Style} Casually Summering

[skirt, blouse, rings, necklace, bag: H&M;
thong sandals: Aldo]
Question: what do you guys wear to work on Casual Fridays during Summer months? Last Friday, it was beyond hot here in NYC, and I found myself not only wishing it were 6pm so that I could officially start my weekend, but also in this casual ensemble that I threw together in about three minutes.

I met up with my girlfriends JB and T after work for happy hour, which was followed by dinner, which was followed by cocktails in the Meatpacking District. Yep, I headed to the posh neighborhood in flats. Eh, at least they were shimmery flats.

I didn't get home till late (as usual), but in true Mommy Delicious fashion (as usual), on Saturday, Aiden, my niece, and I headed to The Bronx Zoo. And on Sunday, before church, we welcomed July (what the what?!) by cooling off at The Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 6. These aren't exactly style photos, but they are my definition of love...

[Being a Midge Fly at The Bronx Zoo]
This is how we cool off, Brooklyn style -- at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6:

Wishing you all a very stylish first week of July! (What the what?! When did that happen?!) Stay fabulous!


  1. Love your blue necklace! BTW looks like you two had a ton of fun at the Bronx Zoo (I love seeing the apes there!).

  2. Such a cute and cool outfit! I too am trying to figure out where the heck June went! Yikes. :)

    Love that last pic! So cute and sweet. :)

  3. I know!! It will be Christmas next month. Guess I better pull that resolution list out and start checking off and reevaluating!

    You look great

  4. I can't believe July is here! I still had stuff that I needed to do in June. Oh well...

  5. Oh man - I love Pier 6!!! It has everything a kid could want. Whenever we go there, inevitably I end up on a boat to Gov. Island because I love it there so much too!

  6. Since I am a stay at home mom, casual is an everyday affair for me ;) Looking perfect in my opinion for Friday!

    Come and see my latest post 'INTO THE BLUE' here:

  7. July got here fast. And doesn't Aldo have the best sandal selection?! I love them. Aiden is handsome as ever and looked like he was having a really good time splashing at the park.

  8. You look so fab, girly! I am quick to rock some flats these days! These NYC streets are no joke!

    Love the blue statement necklace!

  9. I'm with Tia - love the necklace!!! Sounds like you had a fun, packed weekend. But that's just how you roll! :)

  10. Looks like so much fun and you did it so always!

  11. Chic dear!! :)



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