Thursday, June 30, 2011

Go The F*uck To Sleep

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard of the book "Go the F*** To Sleep," by Adam Mansbach, the bedtime story intended solely for the amusement of parents. If not, check out the link at your own risk.

The other day, a former classmate of mine posted an article on Facebook with a quote from a critic stating the following [read entire article from the CNN Opinion page here]:
"Sadly, his book accurately portrays the hostile environment in which too many children grow up... Sometimes the biggest bully in the neighborhood lives in the same house you do. Sometimes it's your parent."
Okay, seriously... who is this person? And has she never heard of comedy? Or anything humorous?

Many people chimed in on the argument giving strong reasons for why they believe the book to be funny or not so funny.

My first response:
"I actually thought the book was very, very funny. Of course, I wouldn't utter a word of it to Aiden. But just as [another person who commented before] said, it helps parents get through an all too real and downright exhausting time in parenthood. And it is a book meant for adults. My mom friends and I have been bonding over this book (and a glass of wine!) because it just speaks volumes. I think this lady is totally taking the book out of context here..."
My friend, and I love her dearly, stated:
"While it may be funny for parents who had a normal childhood and are raising their children in a loving home, I find it hard to imagine that anyone who suffered psychological abuse as a child would find it funny as an adult [I suffered psychological abuse as a child and still found it funny, so that point is shot to sh*t]. I can't help but think of the kids that I counsel when I read the excerpts from this book -- for some, this is their reality and it does real damage. I just wonder if there is another way for parents to bond and experience some release [NOPE! Well, yes, a glass of wine, but I said that already]... I hear what you ladies are saying, but personally I think it crosses a line [Really? REALLY?!]."
Another friends' response? And I love her too! Here it is:
"I see what everyone is saying, however I'm not sure about the purposes of the book. I mean, I didn't read the book or even the article [Then why are you commenting? Shut the f*ck up and go the f*ck to sleep.], but just reading the name of the book reminded me of all the times I heard those words as a child and all of the kids I work with who heard these words. I know that majority of parents are probably doing the best that they can and laughing at the book because they know how frustrating parenting can sometimes be [NOW you're speaking my language!], but yea... I keep thinking about the kids whose parents have no restraints and speak to their kids like this without any second thoughts."
My second response:
"Unfortunately, I've heard those words many, many times as a child. I get it. It isn't funny for kids who experience this type of psychological trauma on a nightly basis. Neither is a McDonald's commercial for kids who are starving.  Or an ice cream commercial. 
I've never used those words on Aiden nor ever intend to. However, I can still see the humor that is the Author's intention. It really isn't meant to be taken so seriously. And it is how some parents feel when night after night after FREAKIN' night they have a hard time getting their child (or children!) to sleep after a very long day of work, school, LIFE! It happens. Sometimes parenthood kicks your ass and sometimes parents just really want their kids to go the f*ck to sleep. Trust me. I know. I'm one of them.
Maybe I'm weird, but I can understand how some parents -- some very TIRED parents -- could and would say to their other adult friends, "Why can't my kid just go the f*ck to sleep." Parents have to be able to find the humor in certain situations. Sometimes humor is the only thing that'll get them through a particular trying stage."
Now, I'm totally curious. What are your thoughts on the book? Share 'em in the comments.

{Disclaimer: This post was not meant to be taken so seriously. If you don't get the humor, well, you're a lame. Hey, what can I say? Sh*t happens. 

Just kidding.



  1. I have yet to read it but the title alone has me sold,lol.

  2. Ok I need this book! I totally get the humor of it just by the title alone. I know as a single parent after a long day of chasing my kids and school work when it's bed time and my little one is still jumping off the walls I'm thinking just that. It's not something I would say but it shows the frustration that I get after a long day and just wanting her to go to sleep. I think I need the humor shown in the book to help me through that time. I must purchase that book soon!

  3. What this book, and you and your friends' comments, makes me think is that the abusive type of parent that they are so concerned about is probably not the target demographic of this book...It's meant for those parents, like yourself, who can see the humor in the frustrating areas of being a parent...To jump to other, negative scenarios kind of makes me think a number of things, most of which shouldn't be said out loud, haha.

  4. Okay, so I'm glad you've posted about this book! My thoughts:

    I don't own this book and I'm pretty sure I never will, but I HAVE listened to the Samuel L. Jackson reading of it, and it is HILARIOUS. I laughed. Hard. And played it for husband. And laughed hard again. Why? Because I can relate! OF COURSE I don't say words like this to my daughter, but boy, when were having sleep issues in my house, there were many nights when I just wanted her to GO. TO. SLEEP.

    This is CLEARLY not a children's book (and the author has said so himself in an interview), and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to relax. It's a humor book for ADULTS. Call me a bad parent (which I'm not), an awful person (which I'm not), or whatever else you want to call me (which I'm probably not those things either), but this book is HILARIOUS. Kudos to him for writing it. It's a best-seller for a reason.

    Just my two cents.

  5. Well all I have to say is "to each his own". I mean like I said on the post the other day, I didn't read the book... for a reason. The title turned me off completely. I get that its supposed to be humorous and maybe for many parents it is. I wouldn't know since I'm sterile and can't have children. However, someday I hope to adopt. When that time comes I'm sure there will be times that I'm frustrated as hell because I'm exhausted and want my little one to go to sleep. However, I also hope that in those moments I'm not saying to myself or out loud "just go the f*** to sleep". Even saying it to myself now makes me a cringe. Like I said on facebook, I'm sure most parents in the world are good decent parents and doing the best they can. However, as a counselor, my work is primarily with the children who's parents say some pretty cruel things to them. Not to mention the personal abuse I experienced as a child. Not to mention I work with homeless youth in New Jersey who heard these words many times. YOU may not say it, but some people do. So yeah, hearing the title of the book made me cringe. For others, it may be a good laugh for them. But like I said..."to each his own".

  6. I have heard about this book but have not read it. I am sure I would get a good laugh since I have said some choice things in my mind from time to time. We are all human and hell I don't think I know a single parent who has never thought it before. Life ain't all that serious.

  7. I blogged about this also because I heard it and thought it was hilarious. People should lighten up, I agree with the quote above about" a McDonald's commercial for kids who are starving"
    You don't like the title, don't read or listen, end of story. It's really not that serious. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I haven't read the book, but I sure will. There will always be people that take things clearly meant for a laugh/stress relief out of context...just because. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  9. I agree that people are taking this book too seriously. As the mom of a 2 year old and a 1 month old, I am certainly appreciating all the humor I can get. This book simply puts into words our thoughts because most of us wouldn't dare speak to our children this way. However, we do think it.

    Parenting is stressful in general. Then you add all the other crap that life throws your way.

  10. I think the book is funny. It is not meant for children and WE HAVE ALL had moments when we just want our kid to lay his/her head on the pillow and knock out for the night. I don't think there is a parent on earth who could say otherwise! Every book is not for everyone, if the book offends you, don't purchase it! Problem solved. Hee hee HAPPY 4th!


  11. Well good lord. lol. I had to crack up at that title. I wouldn't buy it myself, but definitely can appreciate the humor in it - and this is without having read it, lol.

    But that just goes to show that everythang *aint* for everybody. Ehh well, what can you do!?

  12. I heard about this book on Big Boy's radio show and they had Samuel L. Jackson narrating it and I thought it was hilarious! I can understand how some may feel it is a little harsh, but as you mentioned, it is intended for an adult audience.

    I'd never speak like that to my children but again, I found the book hilarious and after hearing the narration, I can relate.

  13. I don't understand what the big fuss it about. It's not a book meant to be read to children and I don't think it's advocating child abuse. It's just a tongue-in-cheek story about the buttons that get pushed when you're a parent. Plus, it's LOL funny!

  14. It's early in the AM while I'm reading this and I'm thinking this makes sense. I see both sides. To each his own. Everyone who commented and has a kid and is willing to take a trip down new born lane has thought this. No?


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