Monday, January 17, 2011

Putting My Big Girl Pants On. Finally

I remember when Facebook was just a new born baby girl. In fact, her name back then was TheFacebook. Ha! Only the Harvard kids got to play with her, but then Mr. Zuckerberg realized that wasn't fair, and extended her to the rest of the Ivy Leagues in his attempt to take over the world.

I believe I was a sophomore at Columbia at the time, but had I known Zuckerberg was going to succeed at his attempt to take over the world, I so would have transferred to Harvard and added him as a friend. No pun intended. Hey, it would have gotten me one step closer to my ultimate goal, which is to marry well. Just kidding. But I digress.

When Facebook was just a baby girl, she was only for college kids. So we laughed and posted, partied and posted, drank a bit and posted. It was lovely because only our friends could see it. No grown-ups. No parents. No friends of parents who just wanted to "see how you're doing." No potential employers. Just friends.

When I graduated with my Bachelor degree, there was no worry about a potential employer looking me up on Facebook to see what kind of person I really was. So I posted freely.

Nowadays e'rbody and their momma (and their momma's momma) is on Facebook. If you're not on Facebook, you're a loser. Just kidding. But really, in some sick way, it really has become the way of the world, and it's totally commonplace for people to find you on Facebook. Isn't that the first thing we do after meeting someone new? Stalk Look 'em up on Facebook? No? It's just me? Oh... okay. Moving on.

I'll be finishing grad school in May (*fingers crossed*) and entering the real world again. Only this time, Facebook is not restricted to only college kids. So I should expect potential employers to look me up on Facebook, right?

Plus, I'm becoming Facebook friends with more and more grownups. Like real grownups, not just my college buddies who are growing up with me.

I don't want these people to stumble upon pictures of me looking (slightly) crazy, for lack of a better word. And get the wrong idea.

And I don't want to miss out on important networking opportunity. I haven't missed out on anything yet (I think. I hope), but being proactive is what it's all about. Right?

So instead of changing my Facebook name to "Alicia crazysexycoolbaby HarperHotness," alas, I'm putting my big girl pants on and untagging myself from some of my earlier Facebook pictures. Oh the sacrifices we make as grownups.

If this is what real adulthood is, it kinda sucks. Just kidding.

What sacrifices have you made once you put your big girl/boy pants on?


PS: If you're not part of the Mommy Delicious community on Facebook, then you should totally "like" the page and join!


  1. *smile* I must state "I AM NOT ON FACEBOOK" I had an account but deleted it (last year, October) because it just was becoming too fake. Ppl I actually knew was living a FB life instead of their Real life. Right now I enjoy blogging, MBC and of course ma yahoo account. I won't say anything bad about fb because after all because of facebook I was able to find ma Bestest friend. But now that we are in contact...I don't really need it. Besides its almost like a disease that is spreading and I really don't want to be caught up in that. *smile* Anywho, props and *high five* to you getting that Bachelors, being a great mom to your son and just doing the Dang thang! *smile*

    Stay Blessed, ma..

  2. Great post, as always!

    Admittedly, Ive always been a FB hater and if I didn't need a personal profile in order to run my FB page than I wouldn't have one at all. It's great at helping spread awareness of my blog, but annoying otherwise. As you've so correctly stated, EVERYBODY and their mama is on there.... and thats just way to much access, imo.

    lol @ ultimate goal of marrying well. Nothing wrong with that, giiiiirl! ;-) #realtalk

  3. I LOVE MY FACEBOOK and probably will NEVER delete it BUT I have all of my photo albumns blocked and you are unable to tag me in photos ... I also have my page blocked from those who are not friends and currently have almost 100 ppl as friends all of whom are EXTREMELY close to me and trusted ... I honestly use my facebook as a communication for coworkers, family, and real friends.

  4. I've grown to enjoy my Facebook page. I'm with Imperfect Perfection, thanks to their new privacy settings you can monitor what group of ppl can see what. I understand that employers have the right to look employees up on Facebook, but honestly unless there's a moral clause in my contract with you, what I do in my off time is none of their business. In the age where we are constantly having our rights infringed on when it comes to my Facebook and any other personal page I refuse to edit myself for anyone.

    I am who I am and make no apologies about it. However, I understand your decision and hope that Facebook will continue to be something you enjoy.

  5. I totally know how you feel, I have two accounts and it felt almost like a full time job keeping up with everyone's request and conversations, etc. it was just taking too much of my time. Now, I monitor my time spent on facebook and when that time is up, am out! So far this is working great for me.

  6. Oh GOD I thought I was the only one! I remember my old boss was looking for interns from my school and used her daughter's page to look up the candidates and chose based on their page, I couldn't believe it! Then my mom and her church friends "checking in" on other people's kids MAKES ME SICK! I remember when it was just 5 schools, the good old days :-(

  7. Smart move--I always check out the profiles of potential writers. Facebook is like a diary anyone can read--use it wisely.

  8. Alicia - Thanks for the support because Im sure Ill be needing all I can get ... I MUST lose this weight because I pray the LORD finds it in his mercy to allow me to be around with my little girl as long as possible ... I have always enjoyed reading your blog I just rarely comment ...Thanks again and please do keep in touch ... :)

  9. I remember when the internet was a newborn baby girl (does that age me, lol?) But good work. It's so true, you really need to be thinking about what you put on the internet these days. I think about it all the time, even with Peanut.

  10. Good for you. I've hired quite a few people and you best believe I look at anything publicly available on the web, which it turns out just via google is quite a lot. On that point, be sure to google, bing, yahoo, etcetera yourself. If you've posted comments in online forums suggesting the best way to construct and operate a beer bong, do your best to get it taken down. It's amazing and scary what's out there, and not just on the security challenged Facebook.

  11. Haha, so true. I often consider getting "rid" of my facebook page. To be honest it's a bit ridiculous sometimes. I mean the min by min updates, really?

  12. PS. Yay for you completing grad school! So proud of you!

  13. Thanks for the comments lovelies! Yes, I still love my Facebook, but it's time for me to take MAJOR control over what's posted about me.

    @Yakini: *wink*

    @A Daddy Blog: Wow! I hadn't even thought of googling myself to see what's out there so yea, I'll DEF hop to it and do some damage control if need be. Thanks SO much for the advice.

    @Nicole: Thanks for letting me know you look up your writers on FB. Now I KNOW that my suspicions are true.

    @Stroller Ballet: Haha! But yes, we have to think of what we put out there w/our kids as well. If I could change it, I would probably not use Aiden's real name. But too late for that now.

  14. I'm on Facebook from my phone which means I don't really read anything else except when I get "real" wall posts or inbox messages. I try not to log into the site from a computer. I keep chat turned off and I don't post anything that would come back to haunt me later. I think it is all in the way you use it. In regards to the min by min status updates...those folks need a Twitter account!


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