Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Play First, Then Work... Sometimes.

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Aiden's pretty smart. Most days, when I pick him up from preschool, he asks me about our agenda for that particular evening. I never really paid attention to just how mush the kid picks up on... until I did. And man, was it eye-opening. This was our conversation one day as I was helping him put on his coat.

Aiden: Mommy, are we going to Target?
Me: Nope.
Aiden: We going to the supermarket?
Me: Mmm... nope.
Aiden: To the laundry?
Me: (laughs) No, Aiden.
Aiden: Are we going to wash your hair?
Me: (Damn! The kid has it down to the science! Like really, did he just throw that in there?!) Not today.
Aiden: Where're we going?
Me: Home. To play.

Yes, sometimes I take Aiden to the hairdresser with me. And yes, sometimes I go during the weekdays because it gets too gosh darn crowded on the weekends. Momma's gotta look good. I'm a single mom. Such is life. Don't judge me.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I can run all of these errands before I pick him up from preschool, but most days, it's impossible. There's just not enough time.

So he has to the run errands with me. It has to be the both of us, working first and playing later.

But something about his questioning made me stop.



Sometimes we can just play and have fun.

Target can wait. The supermarket can wait. Laundry can wait. Even the hairdresser can wait. Those things can take a backseat once in a while so Aiden and I can make fun, happy, sweet, loving memories.



  1. I'm learning to do more of this with Moo. They're only small for so many years before they're teenagers. And then they'll want to spend time and have fun with their friends instead of us. LOL

  2. Thanks for following me at Savings Corner! I am now following you too! :)

  3. I am cracking up over that sign! I don't think there is anything wrong with taking your son with you on errands, especially if he gets to participate. It's practical life skills development for them and they want to contribute. My daughter loves folding laundry and putting away groceries. Better to tap into it now before they get older and don't want to do any chores. Of course, we do lots of play time too!

  4. You are so right ... My little girl cracks me up when she can complete something I begin .... When I open the hamper on Saturday mornings she runs to the linen closet grabs the fabric sheets and screams soap soap, when I open the dishwasher she grabs the tabs and sticks them in, closes the door and starts it, when we pull up to the grocery store she runs for the cart and points when she sees something she knows we normally buy, and so forth .... COMPLETELY AMAZES me at all they learn without us necessarily teaching them through direction... GOTTA LOVE OUR BABIES!!

  5. Alicia,
    You sound like such a good mama! And your son sounds like a smart boy who just wants to know the schedule. :)

    So glad you stopped by today. Nice to "meet" you!

    All my best,

  6. Alicia, this is so important! You're right...they do grow fast. It sounds like Aiden is a very lucky little guy!


  7. Aw, he IS a smart little man. I'm glad you two are getting some play time together. It's hard to remember that sometimes, I definetely know that.

  8. awwww he is soooo cute!!!!!! He sounds like my son, sometimes its him telling me what to do lol

    Great post!



  9. Your son is hilarious and so smart. You are a good mommy. I love that photo by the way.

  10. I like this post...its good to do your regular schedule things but it can be even better to just put off doing the things that CAN WAIT to just play and enjoy each other. Yes, they will grow up FAST, so enjoy those moments, NOW. *smile*
    Stay Blessed, ma..

  11. Aren't kids so funny. ALways guessing about what's coming up next. The funny thing is they know us sooooo well.

    Good job switching the routine up on 'em. Play time is the best!

  12. I looked over your blog and I love the way you write! Definitely giving you a follow back!

  13. I've found this soo important that's why I came up with Mommy and Me days with me in school and working at nights some of our together time is just spent sleeping and running errands. I think just a few hours out of the week and my weekends are quality time that we both need to bond. I miss those first few weeks when it could just be him and me...

  14. PLAY to your, I mean your little one's, content. It's quality time spent playing with our little ones that make each moment even more special.

  15. Your boy is quite inquisitive! I like that. Seems like, he is going to be well organized

    Blessing @Working Mom Journal

  16. All we've been doing lately is playing, since my car needed repairs, but this is definitely a good reminder for when my car is fixed and I'm out and running a billion errands with my little man <3

  17. He is such a brilliant boy! I love that he knows the schedule believe it or not if errands are part of his day he's gonna make an EXCELLENT man one day! I actually loved doing that stuff with my mom and the best part were fun days when we went out to get stuff for the house and she splurged money on toys for us instead. Let's say a Cabbage Patch doll that was all the rage in the 80s!

    Playtime definitely rocks! :)

  18. awww. that is so cute! They are such funny little people... x

    You're clearly doing a fabulous job. I often wonder how people manage to run all errands etc before collecting kids? I mean really, Little Miss O does everything with me... I try to turn things into a game for her, but really she is very much involved in my adult life - with a whimsical twist I guess!

  19. Thanks for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment on Sofia's Ideas. I truly appreciate that!

    I think sometimes its easy to let the to-do lists take over our lives. We all do it. Things have to get done, right? But thats what I love about our family meetings - it gives us a chance to touch base with each other & brainstorm & revise & adapt to whatever is going on. That way, we can focus on living in alignment with our family's mission statement as much as possible.

  20. Hahaha - Peanut is always asking me if we are going to Target!

  21. I love this. Aiden (fab name) sounds like a smart little man. And he is lucky to have a thoughtful mother leading him through his days :)

  22. This post made me smile. I remember when my son Marty was small, we would have Marty Days. It was a way to bond especially for him and I. I was single then. He's 20 now and still talks about how important and special those times made him feel. Keep up the good work. Love your blog.

  23. It wasn't so long ago that I was getting the same questions fired at me on the drive home. Oh wait sometimes I still do and we go to the same barber, lol! My son hates accompanying me to the stores. Just remember he'll get older and you can run off for a few hours to do your errands and have a mommy break.


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