Friday, June 16, 2017

18 Months of August Kingston

August turned 18 months a few days ago and I can't believe my baby delicious is a full-blown toddler now. I'm talking super duper sweet one minute and full-on tantrums the next. Trying to communicate exactly what he wants and very upset when others don't understand him fast enough. Saying words and babbling. Playing nicely with Aiden and then slapping his glasses off of his face the next. Trying to be independent, yet frustrated when he can't complete a task the way he'd like to. And biting on everything with those four new molars that grew in!

It's been a perfect storm and I couldn't ask for the past six months to be any more challenging and rewarding... all at the same time.

August's words:

  • "Hi" (with a wave)
  • "Bye" (with a wave)
  • Shaking his head "no" whenever he doesn't want something 
  • "Get down" (whenever he climbs on something, which happens to be all the time. And yes, he first heard the phrase from me.)
  • "Hawt" = hot
  • "Tha-ci" = paci (aka "pacifier")
  • "Sheese" = shoes
  • "Bahm-ba" = pamper
  • "Ba" = ball
  • "Bay-bee" = baby
  • "Ah-ah" = all done (also means "I want to eat ____ [whatever he's pointing to])
  • "Muah" = kiss
  • And a whole lot of babbling

August likes:
  • Having "conversations" with pretty much everyone
  • Going to get his pampers and wipes when it's time to change his diapers
  • Wrestling with Aiden 
  • Slapping Aiden's glasses off his face
  • Playing with all of Aiden's toys
  • Pulling down all the toys off the shelf
  • Pulling all the books off the bookcase
  • Changing the channel on the TV
  • Giving and receiving hugs and kisses
  • Climbing on things. All the things
  • Running fast 
  • Reading books... all of them
  • "Talking" on the phone
  • Playing with all his animals and learning the sounds that they make
  • All things Mickey Mouse 
August dislikes:
  • When people tell him "no"
  • Taking baths (still)
  • Water in his face. Or on his head
  • When we take too long to take him out of his crib in the morning (he wakes up way too early)

Can't wait to see what the next six months brings!

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