Friday, June 13, 2014

Winging It

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time talking to, listening to, and/or reading about the ups and downs and ins and out of life and love and climbing the career ladder from folks whom I know and admire.

Their stories -- although kinda different -- have the same ring to it. They try something, the fail at it, they learn from their mistakes, they move on, they try something else... until they succeed.

And the cycle repeats itself. Over and over and over again.

These are people who I have learned from, who have mentored me, who I definitely admire for their drive, determination, and all around hustle.

For a long time, I looked at them and thought that they had it all together. But the more mature that I get, and the more I meet people who think that I have my ish all together (to which I laugh and say something along the lines of "That's so not true!), I'm beginning to realize more and more that this much is true: they are just winging it.

As am I.

As are you.

We're all just winging it. We're all just trying to do our best, learn from our mistakes, and press on. Doesn't matter if you've been in this game 3 days or 3 months or 3 years. Doesn't matter if you're fresh outta high school, fresh outta college, or you've been in your chosen career for quite some time. Doesn't matter if you're a single mom or an all boo-ed up mom. Doesn't matter if you stay at home or work at home or work outside of the home. Doesn't matter if your babies are toddlers or preschoolers or middle schoolers.

We are all in this game, winging it. Trying to be strategic, trying to make good moves, trying to win.

So the next time you have a day (or week or month) of "no's" or losses, find comfort in knowing that you can still get back up again and start all over again.

Fake it 'till you make it. Or, as I've recently come across, "faith it 'till you make it."


  1. Such a Great post. Yes..we are all participating in the Game of Life & being able to get back up after a let down is the cherry on the top. Enjoy your Life!

  2. I love your line, "faith it 'till you make it." Sounds better than faking it. You have wise words...yes we're all winging it, doing our best, and trying hard!

  3. Life is definitely about winging it on faith. There are so many of us looking for a magic formula, but there is no such thing. You just have to kind of try a bunch of the different things until something works. And even then you might have to make adjustments later on.

  4. "Faith it, until you make it!" YES, Alicia! YES!


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