Monday, June 16, 2014

{Kids Style File} Urban Prepster

"Some people don't have dads. There're all kinds of families."

Such was Aiden's response when a little asked him, "You don't have a dad?!"

Sigh. When I heard Aiden's response, my heart broke into a million pieces and it was filled with joy -- all at the same time. While I was saddened by her question (and utter shock), I was happy to hear Aiden school her like it's no big deal. Because it's not. Because he's loved and cared for and adored. But it is. Because there's a void that no one will be able to fill. Except God. (We're praying on it.)

Eiher way, this didn't stop Aiden from rocking an urban prepster look for Father's Day as we went to church, brunch, and a boat ride through Central Park with The Guy (and his son).

At first, I wasn't too sure about the man capris look, but once I paired them with gingham suspenders, a bowtie that featured scull details, and denim slip ons, the kid looked like a trendy, urban prepster. Not too shabby.

Hope you all enjoyed your Father's Day with the significant guys in your life. Have a great week! Stay stylish!


  1. Aiden looks stylish in whatever he wears (-:

  2. oh. my. goodness! You're little man is sooooo adorable and stylish (and apparently wise beyond his years). I love this look....makes me want to have a little boy to dress.


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