Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Saltbush at The New Victory Theater

Photo via Compagnia T.P.O.
If you're anything like me, you like finding activities that are not only fun and interactive, but also educational and one-of-a-kind. That's why I was happy to kick off my shoes (literally), put on my socks, and grab a bench to enjoy Saltbush, the dynamic show that's currently running at The New Victory Theater.

In this completely interactive show, everyone (and I mean everyone) is on stage. Even the audience. And everyone is dancing and acting. Especially the kids! The show features Aboriginal dancers performing on a Children's Cheering Carpet, a sensory landscape that allows them to interact with colorful projections on the floor, all while listening -- and being swayed and moved by -- traditional music.
Photo via Compagnia T.P.O.
The pre-show activities were really fun for Aiden. Not only did he have the opportunity to learn a bit about the show and draw Australian symbols, but he also used that time to play with other kids and decide who he was going to sit next to. Did I mention you can pretty much pick your own seats?! Since the show takes place on stage, there is bench-style seating along the perimeters of the Children's Cheering Carpet, which makes for a pretty intimate and cozy show.

Pre-show festivities 
The show itself helped Aiden and me to learn a thing or two about the origin of the show as well as Australian culture -- That "Saltbush" is the name of an aboriginal plant found in Australia. Or that "Saltbush" represents a commonality among the different nations of indigenous Australians. Or that the Aboriginal peoples' heritage consists of 50,000 years of invaluable survival techniques for the outback.

The show does all this while being fun, engaging, and interactive. Aiden loved that he could take part in the show. So much so that he cried -- literally -- when the show was over. We've been to New Victory several times this season and Aiden's well aware that this was a one-of-a-kind experience. "But... but... we won't ever get to sit on stage again!"

My thoughts exactly, Aiden. My thoughts exactly.

Saltbush will run until June 8th at The New Victory Theater in Times Square. The show is 50 minutes with no intermission and is best suited for children ages 5 and up. Tickets are $25 and worth every penny. Visit the website for more information or to purchase your tickets.

Have fun! (You're welcome.)

{Disclaimer: I was provided with tickets to the show in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


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