Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nine Ways to Experience Progress This Year

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The New Year always calls for a time of reflection. Of past successes, past failures, and past lessons learned. It also calls for a time of thinking of the future and focusing on my hopes and dreams, goals and visions.

If I could pick one word to describe the year that I’d like to have in 2013, it would be progress. I’d like for you, for this community, and for me to progress in all areas of our lives.

But I know that in order for progress to take place, there are certain things in our lives that need to happen. Starting now. So, this year, I hope and pray that you…

Do things that scare you more.
It’ll be uncomfortable, no doubt. But out of that uncomfortable feeling will come tremendous growth. Trust me on this.

Do things that you enjoy a little more.
Life is stressful enough with all the things that you have to do. Throw something in there that you like to do to every once in a while. Seriously. Hobbies are good for the soul.

Be less busy and more productive, as my Pastor Cochy would say.
Like I said, life can get crazy at times. But prioritize in order to get things done. Work smarter (and not just harder).

Be focused.
Decipher where you need to invest your time and energy and actually take the steps to do just that. Some things are just not worth it because it’s not fruitful. Be bold enough to walk away from those things.

Save more money.
Even if you’re only able to put a few more dollars into a savings account each month, do it. I have a pretty ambitious financial goal this year, but I’m also excited about it. (More on that in a later post.) Don’t wait. Start now. At the end of 2013, you’ll be happy you did.

Make wise career decisions.
Take steps to get where you want to go in your career. I did and the results have been pretty sweet.

Confront your past.
And seek healing from past hurt and past pain. This will help restore all other areas of your life. It’ll also help you to be awakened enough to love differently. And courageous enough to receive love.

Date smarter.
If you’re married, date your spouse. (I’m not married, but I hear dating your spouse is fun.) If you’re single, have fun getting to know others. Enjoy new experiences with them. But develop an emotional and spiritual connection before you develop a physical one. You’ll be happy you did when it’s all said and done.

Nurture the gift that’s within you.
So many of us are gifted and talented in so many ways, yet we don’t share those gifts with others. But, our gifts are not our own. Our stories and struggles are not for us alone. They are there to help someone else. Know this: there is someone somewhere waiting for you to share your gift. 

So... start today. After all, there's no time like the present.

Happy New Year darlings! I wish you all health and happiness, progress and prosperity, loads of love, and a little more sparkle. (And pink!) I hope this is your most epic year yet!


  1. Yes to this entire post! All of this is where I'm pushing myself in 2013. Particularly letting go of my past. Thanks, Alicia!

  2. Thanks for the great ideas. I especially like, "be less busy and more productive."

  3. i love this!!! Particularly save money and be productive. Those are my ultimate goals of 2013.. Thank you for putting words to it!


  4. I loved this post, but then again, there aren't any posts here that I don't love. I definitely need to do more things that I love to do. My mom always stressed that to me. And I'm always so quick to say that I'm too busy or that I don't have the time to do the things that I'd like to do. This year, will be different. I can honestly feel that it will be. (:

  5. Such as inspirational post!

    I have a plan to save money, period. When I have money, it burns a hole in my pocket. I can't help but to spend it! I need to start taking that money and putting it in my savings account instead. It's time. I'll learn how to save =)

    Enjoy 2013!


  6. these are such good tips - I keep pushing to do things that scare me...
    Xo Megan,

  7. what a perfect post to kick off the new year. Happy New Year! I wish you progress!!

  8. I love this list especially Be less busy and more productive. I find myself so over committed that I don't even know where to start. This year I am all about balance.

  9. I love your list and your positive attitude! Have a very Happy New Year!

  10. Amazing post, just what I needed. I say amen to that. Wishing you all the best and even more Progress in the new year. Lol, you have me all reeved up and ready to do this!


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