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{Dating Tales} Bad Grammar Guy

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I'm a Writer.

Well, let's back that up a bit. I write things for the Internet sometimes. It's a nice part time gig and one that I absolutely love.

I'm also an Educator. I used to be a Teacher and I'm going back to work in a school in less than a week.  It's a great full time job and one that I'll absolutely love.

That being said, I'm a stickler for grammar and punctuation. Proper grammar and proper punctuation. Ask Aiden and ask anyone of my former students. That's just how I am and I don't think it's asking for too much.

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That being said, I just can't bring myself to date someone who makes basic grammatical errors. I've been talking to this guy -- let's just call him BGG (Bad Grammar Guy) -- and, about a week ago, I told him this: I'm not interested in dating you.

When he responded by saying, "I'm wondering what's missing n you eyes," I wanted to reply, "IT'S YOUR GRAMMAR!"

But I didn't.

Of course, it's not only his grammar. It's his spelling and punctuation too. (Just kidding. Sorta. He's really a nice guy and all, but I'm just not feeling him in that way.)

If you were to go back and read my previous posts/Facebook status updates/Tweets, I'm sure you'll find a grammatical error here and there. But I won't date someone who constantly makes grammatical errors as though he didn't finish third grade, especially since English is his first language.

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I cringe whenever I read a text from him that says, "Ok kewl just sayin hi."

Newsflash: A 30-year-old man should know where a period goes. Period. And he should not say "kewl" when the word is "cool."

That's not cool. At all.

Bad grammar is a definite deal-breaker for this delicious single gal.

But, here's the thing: Am I being too weird/shallow/stuck up about this? What's a definite deal-breaker for you?


  1. lmfao nooooo you're not! I'm all about using appropriate "text" language, but those are errors no man that age should be making...and is he college educated?! #BoyBye lol

  2. Bahaha! "Ok kewl just sayin hi." That's how my 11 yr old cousin texts! I thought that was just for the young folks! That would have to be a deal breaker for me too.
    I use to hate the "Hey, guh hey!" or "Say little mama, what's up...where yo man at?"

    Sorry for the grammar errors!

  3. I thought I was the only one. I know someone just like this. If you weren't in NY and I in DC, I would swear we were talking to the same person and it irks me to death, sometimes, I don't even want to respond. It's truly a turnoff.

  4. I would not even get to the point of texting more than twice after this error keeps occurring. Other turns offs are excessive emoticons and punctuation. Like a guy that I met in a bar once would text me: do you want to go to the movies?!?!?! With randOm letters capitalized like that. So annoying.

  5. Grown men should not be texting "kewl" at all. Please, run from this guy. He sounds so not cool.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. lol! I'm a grammar and spelling nazi but not when in text land. I never spell anything correctly in texts. You're lucky if you get a full word.

    That said....I'd probably judge a dude negatively because of it too.

    I'm a hypocrite.

    ::runs away::

  7. some improper grammer is crazy for an adult when txtn, but im sure you can you could tear my writing apart :-/ lol

  8. Finally. This post has proven that I'm not the only person who feels proper grammar is important is critical. I dated a guy who couldn't text to save his life but he spoke well enough. I cared about him to decipher his texts.

    He was pretty "kewl" to me I guess. LOL!

  9. Bad grammar is never something to be okay with. It's not cool to walk around misspelling words on purpose. I understand people try to stay in happening with all the slang and texting trends but there's a time and place for that. Also, there comes a point when you have let that stuff go. I've met some people who actually speak in text/im lingo person because they haven't practiced proper grammar in so long.

    There's nothing wrong with someone who is well spoken both verbally and on paper or in this case via text.

  10. LOL! That is just obnoxious, sure I make mistakes all the time but not for made up words like kewl..

    Xo Megan

  11. Bad grammar is a turn-off for me as well. Slang within a text message is one thing (I'm okay with words like "kewl"), but when you don't know proper punctuation placement and other basic grammar i'm definitely giving you the side-eye. lol

  12. I am so guilty of "kewl"! Womp. I think it might be odd coming from a guy though. I expect "cutesy" speak from my chicas every now and then.

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