Monday, June 4, 2012

{Personal Style} Red Wedges, Red Sangria, and My Happy Place

I know I'm a super busy single mom when I have to plan a date night with my girlfriends three weekends in advance. Serious, my calendar has been that packed. Oy! But this past Saturday, all the stars aligned and I headed out to Hell's Kitchen for dinner, drinks, and girl talk with M, T, and J. The blackberry margaritas were strong and plenteous, and the red sangria was being served in copious amounts. In other words, it was my kind of Saturday night.

{clockwise: M, T, J, Me}
So much so that I woke up slightly hungover on Sunday morning, but in true Mommy Delicious fashion, I grabbed a cup of coffee, threw on my sunnies, and took Aiden out for our day's activities. Actually, I took Aiden and my niece out. You see, I didn't exactly have a babysitter on Saturday night so I did a lil bartering with my sister -- she watched Aiden for me on Saturday night and I brought my niece along with Aiden and me the next day to Field Station: Dinosaurs. It's a pretty kickass outdoor attraction just ten minutes outside of NYC that's filled with, you guessed it, life-sized dinosaurs. But just pretend ones, duh! Stay tuned for a post about our day there. It was kinda epic.

[tank, necklace: h&m; skinnies: gap;
wedges: chinese laundry via victoria secret;
pedicure: essie mango tango;
cuff: the junk boutique]
I brought out the red wedges for Saturday night's outing. Paired with a pair of skinnies and loose cropped tank, the outfit was chill and sexy. It made me happy. After dinner, we continued the festivities at a nearby bar, and after a few more drinks, I was officially at my happy place. It was a good place to be, especially when good songs came on. Needless to say, I had a pretty epic weekend.

How about you guys? How was your weekend?

Happy Monday! I hope you have a super stylish week!


  1. owww I see u mama! :) Now THIS is living! lol :) I can't wait to get to this point in my life hahaha. U look great and from Instagram looks like u, Aiden and ur niece had a great time! :) Keep up the good work

  2. Love your wedges...a little similar to the ones I am wearing today.

  3. I think we wear the same size. Like I said before, just send that outfit right over!

  4. Sounds like one good weekend! And funny that you had a slight hangover haha.

    It's been Blogger Rehab for me this weekend!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Love those red wedges.

  6. I love your fashion sense....and glad you were able to go out with the girls. It's always needed once in a while!

  7. Super cute outfit...loving the wedges!

    Now following :)


  8. I'm loving those shoes! You are going to have to stop kicking it so hard. You're making me and my bloated baby belly jealous! :)

  9. Love the bracelet. Glad you enjoyed a night out with the girls!

  10. Couldn't help but to congratulate you on your success as a single mom , stylish, and educated female. Aside from that though, this was a nice post. Nice accessories. <3

    check out my blog when you get a chance, its greatly appreciated.

  11. Sounds like a great weekend. Can't wait to read about the day out with the dinos.

    I like the red shoes - particularly because they don't show too much of the toes (I hate my toes).

    As always, you look hot!

  12. You look fab - love those wedges, girl!

  13. Bartering is a super idea. And the wedges are so cute. Thanks for squeezing in Momtrends on the calendar. Thanks for sharing on Monday Mingle.


  14. Good idea with the bartering, and love those wedges. Glad you can still fit Momtrends into your busy schedule.

  15. I love your are looking stylish and beautiful as always.

  16. These look is amazing! And those! I love how you layered the tanks. So cute.

  17. You are truly a FIERCE single, hot momma! Love the looks that you wear. You truly show moms that you can be flyy and supermom at the same time. Love!


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