Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Beauty of Embracing Who You Are

Today is "100 Days of School," a celebrated day at school where each student has to bring in some sort of art project that displays "100." For those of you who don't know, it's kind of a big deal. Being the type-A that I am, I was pretty set on creating a masterpiece with Aiden for today. But my ideas were much bigger than my abilities. Aiden and I attempted to do not one, but two "100 Days of School" projects before I decided to go the "easy route." I was stressing myself out. I was stressing Aiden out. It was past his bedtime. He was getting cranky. I was getting cranky. Totally not worth it. So what'd I do instead? Aiden and I counted out 100 honey nut Cheerios and glued them on construction paper to form the number 100. Not exactly a masterpiece, but hey...

You know what? It worked. His teachers were happy with the project. But more importantly, HE was happy with it and beamed with pride. And that made me happy as well. 

I'm not the creative/artsy type. Not in the this-art-project-is-going-to-be-so-dope type of way anyway. But I'm good at other things. When it's time to read a story to Aiden's class, I'll jump all over that. Or when it's time to help out for a celebration or parade or another big event, you bet I'll be there. But art projects? Umm, not so much. 

And you know what? That's okay. Because other great things happen when I embrace who I am. And it's some kind of wonderful...

A few weeks ago, Aiden had kindergarten interviews for private school next fall (stayed tuned for a detailed post regarding my thoughts on that experience). It wasn't until I was right in the thick of a school tour/interview process, surrounded by couples -- married couples -- that I realized just how far I've come as a single mother. Almost two years ago, I was reluctant to leave a toxic relationship with Aiden's other parent because I was nervous/anxious/confused/unsure/and down right scared of being a single mother. I wasn't sure how others would judge me. I wasn't sure how Aiden would judge our situation. I questioned whether I was actually enough for Aiden, and whether I was cut out for single motherhood. But... I took it one day at a time. 

For better or worse, I learned how to embrace who I was/am. And you know what? It's been some kind of wonderful. Aiden and I are happy and healthy and we have a pretty lovely life. When I can sit in a group interview surrounded by other older, married couples who are advocating for their child, and not feel intimidated, but advocate for my child just as passionately and eloquently in a poised and put-together manner... Yeah, that's some kind of wonderful. 

Embrace who you are. Wear it well. And rock the life out of it. Because when you do, great things will happen. And it'll be some kind of wonderful.

How do you embrace who you are?


  1. If he's happy then you are happy too. How do I embrace who I am? By loving the whole me.xx

  2. Great post. I've learned to embrace me in the good and the bad. Owning up to my faults but not dwelling on them. Recognizing where I rock and celebrating it!

    1. Owning up to my fault but not dwelling on them...perfect! I like that.

      I always stay true and honest to myself. That came way after learning to accept who I am.

  3. You have certainly come a long way, you both are just glowing with happiness. That makes me happy too. Have a very delicious Valentine's day! Luv, Luv the outfits too.

  4. Great post on embracing who you are. I've done that by following my heart to pursue writing - a much riskier (less stable) career than my past marketing jobs. But though I'm poorer, I'm so much happier! - Bicultural Mama

  5. I love the idea that you guys ended up going with! I bet it was so fun for him.

    I embrace who i am because it doesnt feel comfortable trying to be someone who I'm not... if that makes any sense at all.

  6. you are certainly right.It's not so much other people have to accept us, we have to accept ourselves as strong women who are doing the right thing for our family!

  7. Yes when you Embrace EVERYTHING about yourself, know what you want and are making adjustments to what you think wasn't so great with ambition,makes more phenominal women.


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