Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rediscover Yourself In Motherhood

Guest Post by Alia Haley

Mothers play the most vital role in a family. If you're a mother, then you need to be always healthy in order to keep your family healthy because a healthy mother = a healthy family. Here are some tips to help you stay health and rediscover yourself in motherhood:

Consider yourself important too
The first and foremost task for moms is to always keep fit and fine. She would not be able to carry out her duties if she gets weak. You are important too so take time for your own health.

Try to make a flawless schedule
Or as flawless as possible. It is not always possible to schedule your commitments according to your time and requirements if you have a baby, but making a schedule and prioritizing helps with this. Also, try to get into all the works when your baby gets onto bed.

Take breaks in multi-tasking
If you constantly carry out your job without taking a rest, then it may result in your weakness. As well, it creates a bit of stress on you. Taking breaks to just breathe helps with this.

Look after your own mental health
Looking after your mental balance is another imperative part of motherhood. If you do not take care of your mental health, then you would become irritated and it may result in misunderstanding with your children.

As a mother you have to play the role of captain in home. For that reason, you need to be fit and fine physically as well as mentally. Hope, the aforementioned tips may help you a lot to get to rediscover yourself in motherhood.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. She is also fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Fisher Price Toys for Toddlers attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Alternative medicine.


  1. My schedule is flawless, so that part I have down - but I definitely need to get in the habit of making more time for ME! Thanks for this reminder!

  2. I definitely need to work on carving out more "me" time.

  3. Great points, especially to consider yourself important, too. That's so easy to lose once you have a kid. Your needs go by the wayside which is okay for the sake of your kid - up to a point. - Bicultural Mama


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