Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Staying Faithful to Your New Year's Resolution

By Marie Hunter

A new year has begun and with it, resolutions have been declared. Lose weight/start a diet, quit smoking, travel more – whatever you've chosen to change in your life, know that you can be successful. You'll need to be dedicated but you don't have to see your resolve disappear before the spring thaw.

While it's great to be ambitious, don't overshoot the moon. If you want to lose weight or start a new diet, always be sure to be kind to yourself. You're human; if you 'slip' and eat something that's not on your new plan, remember that it's not the end of the world. You can get back on track with your next meal, all while the world continues revolving. Consider using a service like grocery delivery to make sure you have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. Making things easier on yourself can help you be successful and give you the time to focus on goals related to your resolution, such as getting to the gym for a workout.

It's best to be specific with your resolutions, although it's wise to leave a little wiggle room. For instance, if you have vowed to become a vegetarian this year but you've been a carnivore your whole life, take things slowly. Start with a modest goal, such as two vegetarian meals during the week. Doing so will give your body time to adjust to your new way of eating and won't feel you leaving deprived should you want a hamburger. Similarly, go slowly when it comes to difficult tasks like quitting smoking. Again, you can be successful. If you're smoking a pack a day in January and haven't completely quit by your March 1 deadline, don't stress. Make notice of the progress you've made and continue towards your eventual goal.

Getting away for a weekend trip or vacation is certainly fun, which is likely why people around the world vow to travel more when declaring their resolutions for the New Year. Make plans for your future getaways and make some definite plans. If you enjoy hiking, consider planning a trip that will allow you to explore new terrain. Being a bit concrete about your goals can help you see them to completion, rather than sitting by the proverbial window and dreaming about a someday road trip to some city. If you always drive, consider taking the train. Buy your tickets and schedule time away from work so that you'll actually take the trip instead of pushing plans to the back burner where they will linger and be forgotten until it's time to make resolutions in December.

It's easier said than done, but don't beat yourself up if one of your resolutions doesn't turn out the way you want it to. For instance, a goal of learning a new musical instrument is noble, but don't feel you've failed if you're not ready to perform a solo with the local orchestra by the time summer arrives. Always keep in mind the progress you've made, that you made a big change in the first place, and what you've gained and learned since declaring your resolution. You'll probably surprise yourself at just how much you've changed without realizing it.

About the Author: Maire enjoys baking Snickerdoodles, crafting with her niece and nephews, going on hikes with friends, and blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she trusts.


  1. I agree you shouldn't stress too much if you don't stick stoically to your goals, I think some people would quit if things were too strict.
    I'm using the 'SMART' rules for this years resolutions: S - be specific, M - resolutions must be measurable, A - goals must be attainable, R - goals must be relevant, T- there must be a time bound target.
    - I've put a weight loss chart on my fridge as well as a excercise chart to monitor my weight.
    - I've gotten emotional support from my friends and family and they are walking with me 3 times a week.
    - I am cutting my household costs this year by starting on a Tracfone prepaid cell phone family value plan that only costs my family of 4 $27.96/month. With the $130/month savings from that I'm paying off my debts so that I can only use my credit card for emergencies.
    Good luck with all your new years resolutions! and remember SMART.

  2. Thanks for these encouraging words - cuz i definitely was feeling like i had already failed mine, so what's the point! lol

  3. yes, i'm reading blogs this morning. i find saturdays are the only time i can read and comment on the blogs i follow. i have learn over the years not to make new years resolutions. lol. keeping that thought in mind i find i do just as good if not better in accomplishing things i desire. lol.

    again, have a great weekend.


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