Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dating Resolutions for 2012

Remember the golden night out that my girlfriends and I had on New Years Eve? Well by the end of that night, I created a few dating resolutions for 2012. I'm over on's site, The Date Report talking about all of them.

Click here to head on over and check it out. Facebook "likes" and tweets are always appreciated. I know, I know... self-pimping. At it's finest.

Happy Dating!


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  2. Omg, that was SO good, Alicia!!! I loved all those resolutions. lol @ "the Jay-Z reference."

  3. i left a comment on the site. Keep doing your thing Alicia, you make me so proud to be a "go get it woman!"

  4. Loved it! I like it when you said, "I’m too old for that kind of stuff. Plus, that’s so 2011."


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