Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Call Me "Super Mom"

This year, Father’s Day came and went and I put my best foot forward in an attempt at making the day seemingly commonplace for Aiden. First came breakfast. Then came playing and story time. Typical enough, eh?

Then came a phone call from his father and me modeling for Aiden how to wish his dad a “Happy Father’s Day.” I could have done without that call, but I had to wear my put-your-differences-aside-and-show-your-kid-how-to-display-respect-to-his-other-parent badge on.

For Aiden’s sake, I’ll deal with it. And I’ll wear that badge proudly.

However, as Aiden and I were heading out of our building shortly thereafter, I could not deal with my doorman leaning over the front desk, looking me in the eye, and saying, “Happy Father’s Day, Alicia.”

Me. Me?!

Uh, come again?

He quickly caught on to my puzzled look and responded to my silence but 1000 words of perplexity by saying, “Well, you do such a good job at taking care of Aiden by yourself. You play the role of mom and dad. So you deserve a ‘Happy Father’s Day.’”


  1. I love your doorman. And he's totally right!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  2. I love the article...well said and humbly. Not very many woman actually say that. Most I know, proudly accept the Happy Father's Day(even though your door man is right). I remember seeing on facebook all the "happy father's day to me" statuses that single mothers wrote to themselves. Even though you are a single mother and play a huge, huge role in raising him, you still realize that you are not his father and never will be. If I were single, I would feel just as you do...I would proudly accept the term super-mom.

  3. Great post! Remember, they see everything so he sees how many times Dad plays his role. Happy Belated Fathers Day girl.

  4. Your definitely a Super Mom and should wear your badge proudly. I know your doorman was just trying to be nice and give respect where respect is due, but I agree you're not a dad and never will be. You can defnitely allow Aiden to celebrate all of the positive men in his life on Father's Day (that's what my nephew does). And on Mother's Day it's all about you. Cheers to you Super Mom!

  5. I agree - you're mom, not dad. I appreciate his attempt to compliment you, of course, and I think you handled it with grace and class.

  6. honestly, i think he meant it well and to me it's a compliment.. you are holding it down for you and your son and it's admirable..

  7. Gotta love that! Your doorman is a smart man.


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