Thursday, May 19, 2011

Five Blogs That Rock!

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One year ago today, I started Mommy Delicious. While I had a vision of where I wanted this blog to go and how I wanted to connect with others in cyberspace, I never, ever imagined that the connection would be this great.

I've met so many lovely people, virtually and in real life, and have formed great connections with some amazing bloggers. What better way to celebrate one year of Mommy Delicious than highlighting  a few other amazing bloggers.

This is by no means a comprehensive list -- just a combination of Moms, single ladies, NYers, non-NYers, fashionistas, and all-around amazing bloggers. In no particular order, here are five blogs that rock:

Style Me Prissy by Dr. Yakini:
Yakini was one of the first people that I met from the blogging world and I have grown to love her. She is also the author of The Prissy Mommy Chronicles and The Prissy Mommy Reviews, a blog that I regularly contribute to. While those blogs chronicle her life as a mom and wife in NYC and great product reviews for families, respectively, Style Me Prissy shows firsthand that a woman can be a wife and mother, yet still remain true to herself. Simply put, this blog is the epitome of girly-girlness as its content reflects all things that sparkle, all things fashion, and all things pretty. Love it!

A Mommy In The City by Lauren:
Lauren began blogging in order to chronicle her move from Florida to NYC. Now her blog has become much more than an online journal. She has fostered quite the community through her writing that is witty and brave and inspiring, all at the same time. Whether she's writing about trusting her Motherly instincts, encouraging her daughter's autonomy, or her Motherly "mishaps," Lauren's words always speaks to me. I am lucky enough to have met Lauren in person and she is just as beautiful in person as her blog posts are in print. In fact, it's hard not to fall in love with Lauren.

How Mama Got Her Swag Back by Denise:
Denise is a wife, mom, and Minister-In-Training living in the DC area. After having her baby, she started her blog in an attempt to get her "swagger" back. I have not met Denise in person, but I feel as though I know her based on her prose. Her posts always, always, ALWAYS leaves me pondering the subject at hand. Plus, her tell-it-like-it-is attitude is no joke. She's a women to be reckoned with, amazing and engaging, and her posts are always beautifully written. Get it girl!

Mama Locs by Laila 
Laila is a single mom (single mommies, stand up!) to an awesome little boy, much like me. I think I can connect to her in a special way because we share a lot in common. I have not met her in person as she lives in the Chicago suburbs, but her posts inspire me to work harder at pretty much everything. She not only manages life as a single mom, but she is also chronicling her weight loss on her blog, which to me, is such a brave, brave thing to do. Kudos to you, Laila. You rock, like, times two.

Her Deep Thoughts by LaLicenciada
Li's blog is all about inspiring others to find bliss and live their best life. Through her mission and her posts, she grants readers the permission to just... be. Be free, be happy, and be whole, just... be. I'm especially in love with her LushLunes series, which is an assignment every Monday ("Lunes" in Spanish) to help Mondays suck less. We all know how dreadful Mondays can be, and these assignments have been my "pick-me-uppers." Thanks Li!

So there you have it. Five totally rocking blogs that I know you'll love.

What blogs are you currently reading? Share them in the comments so that others can find great reads. Feel free to pimp yourself. I'm all for that!

Don't forget to enter the 50 Fabulous Wishes contest for a chance to win $1,000 to celebrate a friend with a refreshing attitude about looking and feeling fabulous. I was selected for this Tropicana Trop50 sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do. I received compensation to use and facilitate my post.


  1. I'll check them out! And pass them along! Thanks!


  2. thanks for sharing, can't wait to check out these blogs

  3. WOW! Thanks so much Alicia for thinking of me! And one day we will meet, I'm coming to NYC,lol!

  4. This made me tear up. Thank you so much for including me!

  5. Oh Alicia, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so humbled and flattered by this! How awesome to have made your list. ((hugs))

  6. Happy bloggy bday, Mommy D!

  7. Aww you are so cute!.. I will check them out for sure.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. I agree that those are great blogs. Glad I read them!! What other great blogs am I reading in addition to this one?

    Well, you know I have to shout Mommy Glow and Baby Making Machine!!

  9. I can't believe I've been missing How Mama Got Her Swag Back. This is great!

  10. Well, of course YOU rock! Happy bloggy-versary!

  11. OMG I am completely STOKED that you included me in this! You like my LushLunes?! Yayyyyy!!! You are soooo darn sweet and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words. A BIGGGGG hug for you!!!



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