Friday, June 11, 2010

Case of the Cheap Tot Clothes

Hey Lovelies!

As Memorial Day Weekend drew upon us, I realized that Aiden would need shorts and t-shirts and other summer clothes because he'd completely outgrown his gear from last summer. Now usually when I go shopping for Aiden's clothes, I head to H&M or BabyGAP and let's face it... the clothes there can be pricey at times, especially for someone who will outgrow them in a few months. But since I've always loved H&M (for me!), when Aiden was born, I decided that my baby born needed to sport their clothes as well. But for some reason, this time I decided to head to The Children's Place to grab Aiden a few items. They were having a mega-sale (love it!) and I didn't spend more than $8.00... for any single item. And thank goodness.

Fast forward to last week. I dressed Aiden in a pair of his $8.00 shorts and took him to preschool, then the playground when school was over. At the playground, he runs, jumps, rolls, and hops all around. He climbs the stairs, goes down the slide head-first (he's a little daredevil), and repeats. He runs towards the sprinklers, and towards the puppies (he's not afraid of 'em... I am). And I kept up with him as best as I could. When we got home, I realized that his shorts were completely covered in filth! Seriously. All that playground action had his shorts covered in grass stains. Can you imagine if I would've spent more than 8 bucks on them?

Fast forward to this week. I took Aiden to the playground again after preschool. Since it rained a few days before, there were still a couple of puddles around. Instead of playing with all the fabulous playground equipment or running towards the pupppies again, Aiden decides to jump in the two muddiest puddles that he could find. Once again, I thought, thank goodness I didn't spend more than 8 bucks on his gear.

So... for the rest of the summer, I vow not to purchase any tot clothes for lovely Aiden that'll cost me more than 10 bucks. WORD! What's the point... they're bound to be covered in mud or grass stains anyway.




  1. That is why I only buy Walmart brand clothes for my boys! They look good and I don't mind when they are destroyed! :)

  2. Hey, 1st time visiting your blog! And this post is so so true!!! I have a little girl, but she she gets the grass dirt and food stains on her nice DKNY or Gap outfits. I dont know why I get mad, shes a kid I have to remind myself!! I dont usually shop at Childrens Place but I'll def check it out! Target also has good and affordable kids clothes as well as Old Navy!

  3. I absolutely LOVE The Children's Place. They have inexpensive, stylish clothing and they usually last a very long time. I have a little boy and a little girl and they BOTH get into everything!

    I also visit my local thrift stores. Usually, I could walk out of the thrift stores with tons of clothing decent and very good quality for next to nothing. I spend no more than about $.59 - $2.00 ($5.00 depending on what it is).

  4. Hey..can you also allow for those with websites to comment? I actually used a VERY old livejournal account. =)

  5. @ Rawswag: I'm going to check out Thift shops next! Thanks for the input!


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