Thursday, March 3, 2011

This too Shall Pass

I haven't been a very consistent Blogger this week. I make no apologies for it. Grad school is currently kicking my a$$ and sucking the life out of me. Between this 30-page paper looming over my head, midterms, and a group project on the horizon, I'm a little on the overwhelmed side.

And then there's Motherhood. Sweet Motherhood. Trying to find a good pre-kindergarten for a kid in NYC is like close to impossible. I'm beginning to think that I have to donate an organ or something to get my kid in a good program. Sigh.

But, as always, this too shall pass.

Thanks so much for everyone who kicks it with me on this here place and space on the Internet. You all rock! As eloquent as I'd like to think that I am, right now I don't even have the vocabulary to tell you how much you mean to me. All I can say is "thank you."

Oh yea, and announce the winner of The Logitech Revue. Chosen via, the winner is...

Cheryl E.


Please provide me with your contact information.



  1. i agree with Jill lol! hang in there :)

  2. Hang in there girl! This will pass and of course if there is anyway I can help let me know! :)

  3. Yes, it all shall pass. And I say when it comes to choosing your education and motherhood over finding time to blog, always put the blogging on the back burner. We understand that you are a single mama/college student/mogul in the making and we'll be here when you get back.

    I totally understand the stress about having to hunt down a great school for your kids. Moo's going to be three soon and moms from the playgroup are already asking me what pre-schools I'm considering. It's crazy because I thought we had at least another year, but nope. We have to start competing for scholarships and funding to get her into a good private school now.

    Motherhood is crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  4. "This too shall pass" has been my mantra through some tough times. Hang in there. You will survive because what choice do you have.

  5. Life happens! Take care of you and your baby!

  6. Yep it sure will pass. You'll be looking at in the rear view mirror. Keep it moving!

  7. Girl, I feel you. You are doing way better than me!

  8. I certainly understand since we both share motherhood, school & blogging. I've decided to keep it simple with my blog. I love writing but KT is first and graduate school is the lifeline to a better future. I enjoy catching up on blogs when I have a quiet moment (like today on springbreak) so know I'll be here.


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