Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Case of An Emergency...

Take care of yourself first. Period.

Hey Lovelies!

No, I'm not advocating for young mommies to forget about our precious little ones and do our own thing. At all. But I am reminding us how important it is for us to take care of ourselves first.

On our way to Hawaii (loved, loved, loved it!), as we were on the airplane about to take off, American Airlines presented us with a safety video and all the things that we should do in case of a true emergency. One of the things presented in the video was that mothers should cover their own faces with the air masks FIRST and then help others in need. Including children.

Before having a baby, I never really paid attention to take part of the presentation. I know, I'm bad. But really, I didn't. However, on the way to this trip, I did pay attention. And I have to say, that from now on, I'm gonna take a tip from the American Airlines safety video.

I love my Aiden with every fiber of my being and would do absolutely anything for him, but... I am a woman first. First. And I need to take care of myself first. First. Or I would be absolutely useless to my little man. Like the saying goes, if mommy isn't happy... you get the point.

Life gets stressful at times. And in times of stress, I tend to forget about myself and focus on my son. But that has to stop. Now. NOW. I'm making a vow to start worrying about me first. ME FIRST. And then everything and everyone else. No, it's not being selfish or anything because in the long run, it'll actually help because when I'm tending to Aiden, I will be able to give him 1000% without all the thinking and worrying that goes on in the back of my mind.

And... it'll make me a more effective mommy. I guarentee it.

What are some of the things you guys can do (even if it's a teeny tiny thing) to put yourself first? Please share!



PS: That's a picture of tulips because it's something that I love. See... I'm starting already.


  1. I put myself first by doing simple things like going to the salon, getting my nails done, treating myself to my favorite ice cream and making sure that I'm happy before I try to make anybody else happy.

  2. Just lovely. I totally agree - it's like a life-jacket - you have to put your own on first too! But when it comes to putting myself ahead of Little Miss O, sometimes I don't know where to start. Would be really interested to hear what other Mummies have to say too! : )

  3. @YUMMama: I love mani-pedis... and ice cream! Two great pick-me-uppers!

    @Mrs. O: Yes! It definitely IS like putting on a life-jacket. How can you help others put on their own life jacket while you're sinking because you forgot to put on your own? It's impossible! Thanks for the insight!


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