Monday, August 16, 2010

As Long As I Get To Keep My 4-inch Heels!

This summer Aiden's been going through a really cute phase. Well isn't every phase cute, you ask? Why yes! But this one is particularly delicious.

I call it, The Pronoun Phase. What's a pronoun phase, you ask? It's the "he, she, him, her" phase. And the "ladies and gents" and the "women and men" and the "boys and girls" phase. He used to mix 'em up a lot, like say "he" when pointing to a woman or little girl, but now he's improved so much this summer.

This past weekend, he said to me, "Mommy a girl; daddy a boy; Aiden a BOY!" So cute... loves it! And I responded, "Yes, Aiden's a boy." And believe me ya'll, he's all boy. I so totally don't want to sound all stereotypical and whatnot, but he really is the epitome of a boy. ALL boy.

Jumping on the couch. Running after dogs. Looking for ants. Finding rocks. Throwing the rocks. Playing with his cars, trains, trucks, and "ah-mi-nals," as he likes to put it when playing with his animals and farm house. Giving mommy kisses, oh... you gotta love the kisses!

Jumping in every single puddle he sees. Every. Single. Puddle. Flipping and doing karate moves. Where does he learn these karate moves from?! "Ouch, I have a boo-boo. See mommy... Aiden fall down. I running too fast!" Going down the spiral slide at the playground. Head first. On his stomach. Climbing up the stairs and jumping -- jumping! -- down. "Aiden... watch out! Don't give mommy a heart attack. I'm too young!"

Seeing a friend and running towards them. Fast. Very fast. Hugging them so tight and falling to the floor with them still in his grasp. "Aiden, please be gentle," mommy says. Then I look up at the victim's parent, "I'm so sorry." And they respond, "It's okay... That's Aiden for ya!" Yup! How did they know this?!

Being one of the only dare-devils at Gymboree who climbs high. Very high. And then jumps down and runs fast. "Watch out for the other kids," the teacher says. Then she looks at me, "you definitely have your hands full!" Oh yea.

Splashing at himself and every other toddler in the water at swim class. And jumping in the pool. Taking a few weeks to warm up to the idea of swimming, but then loving it. Getting his face wet when no other kid would. The instructor using him to illustrate all of his examples.

Getting the nickname "Mr. Busy" within the first two days of daycare. The first TWO days! And the name has stuck with him from the Infants' class to the Toddlers' Class to the 2's Class and now in the 3's Class. Oh yea... he's ALL boy.

And mommy. Well mommy loves her some Aiden. But mommy's the epitome of a girly-girl. ALL girl. Mani-pedi's. Scented candles. PINK. Love all things pink! Mac makeup. Sweet-and-sexy smelling perfumes. Stilettos! 4-inch pumps. Facials. Spa treatments. Lip gloss. Eye shadow. Rings! Big rings. And all other accessories that have taken over entire sections of my bedroom. What can I say, they complete the outfit! Purple. Love all things purple. Pencil skirts. Mini skirts. ALL skirts! Clutch purses. Big purses. ALL purses. Mini dresses. Victoria Secret. Tulips! Shopping... let's not forget the shopping! Mascara. Yea... mommy's ALL girl.

Being polar opposites does not affect our relationship. At all. Sure, I can't wear my stilettos on the playground. Sure, I have to get down and dirty and all mixed up in the mess to play with Aiden. And sure, it was a bit of an adjustment learning what "all boy" truly meant.

But I got to keep my shoes! And it's been totally awesome. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.


  1. He is the Yin to your Yang and vice versa. So nice to see that you aren't trying to change him and that him being a true boy isn't changing the girly girl that you are. In the future that he will really appreciate the fact that you allow him to be who he is. I can't tell you how many girls I know who had boys and tried to change them or push them off on somebody else because they were to rough or too messy.

  2. Ha! Just love this post, my liTtle guy is only 1 but I can tell he and Aiden will share the same stories lol. He's on the playground trying to chase the 2 and 3 yo crowd (did I mention the monster JUST turned 1???). Just found your blog and love it already.

  3. This post is so cool. My son is 12 and I became a mommy full force. I dressed like a teacher all time (cardigans, long skirts, slacks, blouses) and one day I woke up and wanted my sexy back so now I'm a sexy mom and teacher. I even wear shorts and and appropriately short skirts You ready to be featured as a divamom on my blog? It's a new feature I'd like to kick off next month. (:

  4. Aaaaah! Thank god for LinkWithin - this is a gem that I missed the first time around! ;-) Our lives are so parallel in ways!!! Hahaha! Loved this post - stumbled! :-)


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