Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Appreciating My New Body... One Stretch Mark At A Time

Hey Lovelies!

Our trip to Hawaii is exactly two weeks away and I'm super duper excited! Woohoo!

Notice that I didn't say "our vacation to Hawaii" because my idea of a relaxing vacation does not equal running around Waikiki beach chasing after a toddler. But, at this point, I'll take what I can get. After juggling work, grad school (5 classes both fall and spring semester), taking care of Aiden, keeping our house together, and trying my best to take care of myself, I'm really looking forward to this amazing trip. Ahhh!

I can't wait to visit the spa, check out some water sports (surfing and jet skiing! Woop! Woop!), go to Pearl Harbor, and enjoy a luau. Ahhh!

With all the fun in the sun I plan to have, I'll have to find myself in a swimsuit. While shopping for a swimsuit, I started reminiscing about what my body looked like BC -- before child. And since my body doesn't look like this anymore (Me, on Paradise Island in the Bahamas), I'm not gonna wear a two-piece anymore.

Those darn stretch marks. I mean, beauty marks. LOL. Many times when I think about it, it gets me down. I'd think like really, I'm only 26! I should be able to strut my stuff in a two-piece! And look good in it! And feel comfortable in it! Darn it!!!

But not today. Today I refuse to let it get me down. I mean, sure I have stretch marks. But I'm also pretty fit, I work out several times a week, I try to eat right, I'm energetic, I'm happy, I have a good heart, I'm resilient and optimistic and I always try (try being the operative word here) to look at the bigger picture.

So I'm happy with this body. This new body. Stretch marks and all.

Because with this body, I carried my son for 9 months and pushed him out. All 7 pounds, 9 ounces of him. And when I was in my 8th month of pregnancy and thought that my uterus and hips couldn't possibly expand anymore (I mean, I really thought there was NO MORE ROOM in there!), it expanded enough to hold my son...with this body.

With this body, I nursed and nourished him daily.

With this body, I carry my bags, Aiden's bag, Aiden's stroller, AND Aiden up and down the stairs of the NYC subway stations.

With this body, I provide a loving touch that reassures and heals the "boo-boos."

So yea... now that I'm a mother, my body totally rocks!

And luckily, Victoria's Secret (love it!) makes awesomely sexy one-piece swimsuits. So, while in Hawaii, I'll be sporting this:

And this:


It's a win-win. I can strut my sexy NEW self, just like all my other 20-something year old childless friends, cover up my beauty marks, AND have a blast!



  1. I am finally coming to terms with my new body post baby too. very empowering post!!

  2. While reading the blog I thought you would put up a pic of you with the stretch marks but what was I thinking....lmao, not for nothing but you still look nice in a two piece :)

  3. @YUMMama: Me too. I mean, I have to live with this body for the rest of my life... time to start appreciating it for ALL that it does!

    @Doris: Why on earth?! I'm not THAT courageous! LOL. But thanks for the kind words... maybe it'll empower me to post a pick of my mid-section.

  4. Great post! It does take time to appreciate your post-mummy body and your words are very powerful. Dammit this body carried 8lb 1oz and pushed it out, carries uni files, work bag, change bag, post! I'll be damned if I don't appreciate just how fabulous it is. This is probably the most inspiring post - ever!

    Thank you!

  5. You look amazing!! I am 33 now and I remember being sooo modest when I was 26, I had one baby and at them time I thougth I was not soo hot, but now I am 33 and I look back on my pics and the one you posted and you look amazing. Of you have not yet gone to Hawaii yet,PLEASE wear a 2 piece with pride, you will look amazing, I mean it!



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