Friday, June 11, 2010

Potty Training Mishaps

Hey Lovelies!

Next month, Aiden and his classmates move on to the 3's class (although most of them are still 2 1/2), which is exactly three weeks away. This means in exactly three weeks, he'll be expected to be fully potty trained during the day time.

A few weeks ago when I found out that the BIG switch was going to take place in July, as opposed to the beginning of September as I originally thought, I went into full "we-gotta-meet -this-challenge" mode. So I took Aiden to Target (love Target!) and we headed straight for the toddler section. He already has a potty at home, but I figured that he'd want to actually use it if he had on cool underwear. I let him pick out the pack of underwear that he wanted. It was a very close battle between Diego and Cars. The Cars underwear won. When we got home, I showed him the underwear and there were a lot of "ooohs" and "aaahs." He was excited, which is a good thing, right? So I decided to test my theory: if little darling boys have cool big-boy underwear on, then they'd magically start using the potty, magically being the operative word here.

It didn't take long before that theory blew up in my face! That day, I placed Aiden on the potty every twenty minutes. And he didn't go. However, every twenty-FIVE minutes, he went... right on the floor. After the first mishap, he said "Uh-oh Mommy. Not on the floor? I have to pee-pee in potty?" Ummm... yep! If you knew that, then why oh why did you pee on the kitchen floor?! I smiled at him, reminded him to pee in the potty, changed him, and cleaned up the floor. That was day one. Day two came and I was ready to tackle it again. I placed him on the potty every twenty-five minutes. And he didn't go. However, every THIRTY minutes he went... this time on the bedroom floor! After this mishap, he'd say, "Mommy, I sorry. Come. Gimme hug, gimme hug." And when I'd walk over to him, he'd say, "I love you Mommy." So smooth and so slick... like father, like son! This went on for about two weeks. I didn't force him, or punish him, or withhold anything from him in order for him to "get it." I didn't even reward him with stickers or anything tangible. I just kept cleaning up puddles of pee and gently reminding him to "pee-pee in the potty." I wondered when I'd have to clean up poop from the floor, but luckily he only did that at preschool. Haha!

Until two days ago. While I was giving him a bath, he pooped... right in the tub! Man, that was brutal! Afterwards, he said, "Ewww...that nasty." Yes Aiden, try 2 1/2 years of cleaning up poop and THEN let's talk nasty. He still hasn't gotten it yet, and I'm beginning to panic. I mean, I'm almost willing to bribe him with stickers, candy, money, a trip to Disney World... anything! I know he'll get it eventually. The question is... when? When oh when will these potty training mishaps come to a blissful end? Stay tuned...



  1. LMAO!!!!!!!! Potty training is the most frustrating thing imaginable yet so funny to read about!

  2. Bless him. It took our daughter about 7 days t get the hang of it... I expected it to take ages. We used tiny stickers or chocolate buttons- she only gets one for each 'sitting'... Lol I read a but about rewards/ bribes before starting them n apparently they're effective when it's something like potty training
    cos she'll still use the potty even when the stickers are gone(hopefully)

  3. @ Mrs. O -- I'm sooo gonna use that! He's been going in the potty for the past three days now and I offered him a sticker yesterday for it.


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