Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can't Win 'Em All

Hey Lovelies!

Thank goodness I am finally DONE with Summer Session A of graduate school! Yay! So much closer to getting my Ed.M. And I can't wait until graduation. I wonder if I could take my lovely Aiden up with me when I go to receive my degree? Hmm...

Speaking of graduation, Aiden has officially "graduated" from the 2's class! Yay! Next week, he and his classmates will venture out into the 3's class as "big kids." This week he and his classmates are in "transition week," as his school calls it, but I'm pretty sure that's just a fancy term for "you parents are paying us an arm and leg for your kid to do nothing all week except play."

Aiden's Moving Up Ceremony was last week, and I was a proud young mama when he received his Nursery School Diploma. And received awards because he:
  • Knows the days of the Week
  • Knows the alphabet
  • Can count to ten
  • Knows colors
  • Recognizes the letters of his name
  • Knows how to spell his name

I was thinking, "Hooray for Aiden!" I'm pretty sure that I didn't know any of those things until I was six years old and started school in the first grade. That's right, I didn't go to Nursery School or Preschool, or Pre-kindergarten or Kindergarten.

But then I looked at his Progress Report and under Social and Emotional Skills, it says that he "does not wait his turn when speaking in a group."

Ah well... can't win 'em all, right?




  1. oh wow! looks like we're all graduating! congrats to aiden! I think it is awesome you're doing a masters. The M word is a little scary for me but is one I hope to conquer one day!

  2. @The Princess Poet: hunny, if I can do it... anyone can!


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