Monday, May 9, 2016

August Kingston, 5 Months Old

I say this all the time, and with every passing month, I feel it more and more: in motherhood, the days are long, but the months and years a short. They fly by!

August turned five months over the weekend and we're celebrating a few of his "firsts". Like his first plane ride, his first time in the pool, his first time in ocean water (beach life is the best life!), and his his first time rolling over from his tummy to his back.

While I'm happy that he's exclusively breastfeeding and it's going well, I kinda can't wait till he turns six months so that I won't feel guilty if we end up supplementing with formula. I'd really like to continue breastfeeding till he's a year, but the way my schedule at my job is set up....

Sigh. It kinda sucks for breastfeeding because I don't have the time that I need to pump at work. (Or should I say that I don't take the time that I need.) Luckily, I have a good freezer stash, but, umm, it's kinda dwindling.

I'm trying to slowly replace the baggies that I've already used, but I'm not trying to stress over it because, umm, who needs another stressor in life, right?

August is definitely more alert and more in-tune with his surroundings. He's awake for much longer periods (little dude hates long naps!) and he definitely wants to be an active participant in pretty much everything. Because of this, we have him out and about more. Brunch events, trips to Puerto Rico (more on that in another post), live performances -- it's all fair game!

It's so great to see his little budding personality.

Poolside in Puerto Rico
Bello Mania at The New Victory Theater
chasing waterfalls in PR
August likes:

  • Pulling down his activity mat
  • Loud giggles and belly laughs, especially when Aiden is pretending to fall down
  • Whenever Aiden does something funny 
  • Rolling from one end of the living room to the other -- this kid's got places to go, yo!
  • Kicking his legs and waving his arms in excitement
  • Chewing on everything -- I think he's teething
  • Laughing whenever he sees the branches/leaves on trees blowing in the wind
  • Playing with his feet, which includes putting it in his mouth 
August hates:
  • Unexpected loud noises (blame it on Aiden, not me)
  • The wind blowing in his face (it's totally fine when the wind is blowing trees though)
  • When people don't talk back to him when he's trying to "talk" to you (ask me how I know)

It was clear that it was time to get him a new toy when, one day, I turned around and saw him do this with his activity mat:

I mean, really August?! Really?!
So... behold the Rainforest Jumperoo:

So you just gonna fall asleep in that thing, aren't ya?
Also, don't mind the dirty clothes in the background.
So. Much. Cuteness. 
Thanks for the fly outfit Zutano!
Can I just bottle this stage up forever?! 

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  1. Such a cutie! You have such a beautiful family.

    And doesn't it seem like they grow entirely too fast? Sheesh! Before you know it, he'll be 5 years old and then you're wondering where in the world the time went.


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