Monday, April 6, 2015

{Kids Style File} Pastels for Easter

shirt and pants: H&M | sweater vest and shoes: Old Navy | 
bow tie: Tommy Hilfiger via C21 | swag: Aiden

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, for spiritual reasons of course. But also, because it signifies that warmer and sunnier days are quickly approaching. Which also means that I get to whip out the spring colors and outfits.

Such was the case this weekend. HEB, Aiden, and I celebrated Easter together by going to church and dinner, and Aiden was styled to perfection in pastel colors.

He had baby blue pants that I knew I wanted him to wear. So I found a lime gingham shirt, gray sweater vest, and plaid bow tie to jazz up the blue pants. I'm happy to report that Aiden took a look at his outfit, nodded, and said, "This looks really nice to wear to church."

Glad to know the outfit got his stamp of approval!

I tried to compliment him with a bright, knee-length color-blocked bodycon dress from River Island that I wore for my last birthday, but I still think he increased my cool points by, like, 50%.

And can we talk about this GQ pose he's giving?! Why is he growing up?! I want his baby face back!

Hope you all had a great Easter! Stay stylish!

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