Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Importance of Telling the Truth with Netflix

We've reached that age. Aiden's not only telling knock-knock jokes and attempting to pull pranks, but he's also starting to experiment with little white lies.


And I'm trying to decipher which one is a "big" deal and which one I could simply chalk up to "that age" or "kids being kids."


We certainly have conversations about it and we'll keep talking about it until he "gets it." Until then, we'll read books and watch movies and TV shows that'll highlight what I'm talking about -- the difference between the truth, a white lie, and a lie lie.

Thankfully, has some good picks that'll help get the message across. That Aiden likes to watch.

For some reason, my pre-teen niece has Aiden hooked on this show. (He pretty much worships the ground she walks on so anything she likes is considered "cool" to him.) Jessie tells the story of a Texas-transplant teenager living in NYC as a nanny for a wealthy family of six.

Not only does the show feature funny adventures (just imagine all that can go down with four kids, one nanny, wealth parents, and a 7-foot Asian water monitor lizard as a pet), but a specific episode in season 1, World Wide Web of Lies, focuses on how one little white lie can -- and often will -- lead to other lies. Needless to say, the moral of the episode is this: don't tell lies.

A.N.T. Farm
Another show that the kid is currently into, A.N.T. Farm features a young music prodigy, Chyna Parks, who goes to high school as part of an Advanced Natural Talents (A.N.T.) program. As you can imagine, the "real" high schoolers aren't feeling the fact that Chyna and other participants of the program, Olive and Fletcher, are there. But... they try to make the most of their experience regardless.

Episode 9 of season 3, Pants on Fire, has proven to be a really good show for opening the dialogue with kids about lying versus truth-telling and what lying can potentially do to friendships (ie: ruin trust).

Help a sista out... what are some ways that you speak to your kids about little white lies?!

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