Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Personal Style} This Is 30

dress: River Island | shoes (not shown): Aldo 
I turned 30 on April 26th. And I was excited to celebrate it by enjoying a romantic dinner for two with The Guy. Little did I know I was in for a sweet surprise...

The Guy coordinated with my girls L and K to throw me a surprise dinner party. He actually secretly looked through my phone, found their phone numbers, reached out to them, and planned the entire shindig. Then, he contacted some of my other friends (by going through my phone again... yup, uh huh, he did that!), got their email addresses, and sent out Evites. The night of the dinner party, L was responsible for bringing the cake (he ordered it a few weeks beforehand) and K was responsible for picking up the balloons (which he also picked out and ordered a few days beforehand.)

I was really surprised when I arrived at the restaurant because I had no idea who was going to be there. I just looked around the table in awe, my heart filled with happiness. I may or may not have repeatedly said, "Oh, wow... you're here too!"

There was a cake. There were cocktails. There were balloons. There was love and laughter and good times with good people.

I wore a knee-length bodycon dress that features a half sleeve. It was color-blocked to perfection, and even matched my balloons and cake! (I'm not sure if he actually planned it that way, but I did show him the dress beforehand...)

It was a great way to start a new decade and to celebrate love and life!

Babe... ya' did good!


  1. Cute dress! That was so sweet of your guy! Happy belated birthday

  2. What a wonderful surprise! A thoughtful man is certainly a keeper - good job indeed!

    And you, my dear, are lovely in that colorblock sheath! It fits you like a glove, WERK!

  3. This is the sweetest! Wishing you a beautiful new year of life! xx

  4. Great way to start a new decade, so glad you enjoyed, and your Guy definitely did do a great job at planning the festivities! Wishing you a great year ahead, full of new adventures and surprises.

  5. Wow! What a fantastic birthday!! Congrats on turning 30 years old. Looks like you had a blast. Your guy is super sweet.

  6. What a nice surprise! How sweet :)


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