Sunday, February 1, 2015

{Guest Post} Style Trends for Moms

By Sarrah Juzar 
It’s a new year and we are all too excited about trying out new things, polishing our personalities and bringing out that “new me,” we promise ourselves to, at the start of every year. However clichéd or overused this new year resolution may sound, I think some clichés should always stay, clichés which sprouts optimism and even a bit of a chance for betterment. 
We all love to look and feel better at any point of the year (but the enthusiasm is quite strong at the beginning of year). As for mothers, they hardly get time to pimp up themselves and their wardrobes, but it is that time of the year when you can actually take a look at the trends and shape your wardrobe according to them.
To all the beautiful mothers out there,
While you are shopping for your little ones, how about you keep your trend list along and shop for yourself too.
Here’s all that you need for the coming seasons of the year 2015.
The Curvy Beauties:
This year has been a literal happy new year for women with beautiful curves.  We are mothers and it’s absolutely okay not to have those skinny frames because we have a whole lot to deal with. As a matter of fact, super heroes (that are undoubtedly, moms) can’t always be skinny. If you’re curvy and fit then you’re in the best shape and yes, there’s good news for you. While the world was busy making not so practical trends; London fashion week for Spring 2015 had something real to offer with their Evans Plus-size runway. Evans made waves for many years to come, with their biggest plus size runway for spring 2015. The best part was, everything presented at the runways was adaptable for all sizes. Here’s a quick look for cute curvy mommies.
Come spring, and every women (moms in particular) should get their hands on dress like this. The sheer beauty of white, with Aztecs and sequins is nothing short of perfection. The dress strikes a flattering image with this light weight layer of eyelet jacket. I say, every mother should get this for their LWDs.

Ginghams are shaping the new trends and taking them to a nostalgic new level. So don’t miss out on this trend and get at least a dress or a gingham skirt for this year. You and your little one can match a gingham outfit and look super cool.
Culottes and roomy pants:

Thankfully, the pants have changed from skinny to roomy and this year. There are culottes and denims that are big. So no more Ms. Skinny jeans, and yes to evening pants, all things comfy.
These trends are easy to be adopted and totally wearable for all the super moms. You can always experiment with colors and style as per  your own taste. Have a great year and look fabulous!
 Author Bio: Sheerin Jafri is a passionate lifestyle and fashion blogger. She writes for Sophie & Trey, an online clothing store for women.

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