Thursday, January 22, 2015

Loving On All Thing Cute and Furry with Netflix

Aiden and I are walking from the subway to his school building. We pass a couple dogs on the way and he says, "Mommy, all of these dogs are so cute. I don't know which one to get!"

Umm... who told him he was getting a dog?!

"We're not getting a dog, Aiden."

"Why not?"

"Because... we can't have a pet in our building."

My response was not entirely true. We can have pets in our apartment, but we can't have dogs. Plus, I don't want a dog. *Shrugs* But Aiden loves dogs. And cats. In fact, he thinks my friend L's cat (what's up, Ninja?!) is his best friend. (Ninja thinks differently since every time Aiden's around, Ninja can't get a moment of peace. Sorry L. And Ninja.)

Luckily for Aiden, there are TV shows and movies and places we can visit where he can get his fix for all things cute and furry.

Puss in Boots
The world's greatest feline fighter and lover is back and available for stream in an original Netflix series that's filled with adventures and laugh-out-loud fun! Get excited for new characters, exotic locations, and mystical tales that make up the stuff of legends.

Ever since we saw Annie in theaters last month, Aiden has been intrigued by the original film. So we've made plans check out the original and we're planning on making it a date night one of these weekends.

Air Bud
The 1997 film features Team manager Josh, who discovers that his dog Buddy can sink hoop. Eventually, the golden retriever is leading the team to the championship.

What are your fave movies about all things cute and furry to stream on Netflix?

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