Friday, January 2, 2015

Start Where You Are and Walk By Faith

I had a pretty good run in 2014. No matter how many "misses" I experienced -- and there were plenty -- I also experienced many "hits." No matter what was behind the success, there was success. Much success.

Mommy Delicious received amazing and thoughtful features on other websites. Like New York Family Magazine for their Bloggers We Love list. And UBLUSH Magazine for a very raw and real coming-of-age  interview with me. And Hello Beautiful for their Mommy Bloggers to Follow list. 

I got to speak on a panel for the first time and really tapped into a passion that I never knew existed. (This year, I'm looking forward to taking my brand offline and engaging with live audiences.)
I crossed something off my professional bucket list by becoming an adjunct professor. Woot!

I had some very real conversations with myself and with you about the cycle of domestic violence and why victims stay. Aiden's other parent resurfaced and it made me realize that, even after years, domestic violence and PTSD can still have debilitating effects on victims. But I got my power back. *Does praise dance*
Aiden and I enjoyed so much that NYC has to offer with many events and activities, I shared some of my personal style, I shared some of Aiden's kids style, and we traveled. (A full post is coming soon.) Because, let's face it: experiences outweigh things any day.

I laughed, cried, prayed, learned to love and be loved, tried some new things, failed at them, made a few mistakes, endured growing pains, and succeeded. 

After all, success is not effortless. It's not without calculated risks. It's not without trial and error. It's not without mistakes. 

But it is there. If you're willing to work smart for it.
The one thing I learned in 2014 and the one thing that I intend to take with me into the new year is this: start where you are, use what you have, and walk by faith.

It's not about things being perfect or "knowing it all" because the fact of the matter is that things won't be perfect and you won't know everything.

But you gotta start. Somewhere. And you gotta build on it. Because that's how you make your dreams come true and that's how you reach your goals.

Here's to a great 2015! It's no longer a warm-up and it's no longer practice time. It's game time, folks!

Who's ready?!


  1. Happy New Year! Hope this year got off to a great start for you and Aiden.

  2. I love your blog . Your such an inspiration

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