Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Coming of Age Story on UBLUSH

circa Spring 2013
Once in a while, I have the opportunity to be connected with some pretty dope people. And, for some reason, those pretty dope people profile me on their website. Such was the case in recent weeks when I was profiled by UBLUSH Magazine.

I'm particularly proud of this article because it's raw and real and really shows a coming of age for me. I'm also very humbled and grateful for the article. Thanks so much to the UBLUSH team for featuring me.

image via UBLUSH
If superwoman was a real life character, Alicia Harper would be her. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, just like Jay- Z, Alicia “bleeds blue” but for a different reason. Receiving undergraduate and Masters’ degrees from Columbia University in the City of New York – she’s True Blue. Being educated at one of the premiere universities is just the tip of the ice burg for this phenomenal woman. Her feats also include being a dean of students at a charter elementary school, creator of her own blog, Mommy Delicious, featured writer with magazines and online publications, and of course a mommy. Alicia proves that nothing is two great for a visionary woman who has drive and determination. 
Excellence was always the standard for Alicia. Being involved in foster care as a child may not have been easy but Alicia grew tough skin to manage the difficulties of life. At a young age she learned not to fail and that if she wanted more in life she would have to work hard to get it. She knew that she would have to become the author of her own destiny. And she did nothing short of it. As a high school student she was awarded a Times Scholarship recognizing her ability to overcome adversities and successfully manage hardships in life. Though she was accepted to many universities, she experienced the greatest feeling of pride when she received her final acceptance letter – from Columbia. This was her top choice and for Alicia a life changing experience.
Head on over to the UBLUSH site to read the rest of the article

Peace and love!

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