Monday, February 3, 2014

{Personal Style} The Graphic Tee and Quirky Kid

It's so funny and interesting the way kids develop their own personality with their own interests and their own style. Every time I realize that about Aiden, I get a little teary-eyed. I can't believe how much he's growing into his own!

He's like... a real person!

Needless to say, he's got his own style. And while I still pick out most of clothes when we're in the store (since I'm the who paying for them), he's beginning to style more and more of his own outfits. Aiden asked for this faux leather jacket a while ago, but I only recently purchased it for him (when it went on sale... cha-ching!). And, although I had a different vision for how I wanted to style the outfit, he thought it looked best like this:

I love the quirky striped graphic t-shirt underneath not only because it goes perfectly with the button-downed red shirt, but also because it goes perfectly with Aiden's quirky personality. 

Not sure what's going on with these jazz hands, but hey...
And then Aiden paired the outfit with his brand new kicks. A few weeks ago, we attended Tristin and Tyler's 10th birthday party and in our gift bag was a gift card to Kids Foot Locker. Needless to say, we put the gift card to good use. Thanks T&T!

 I really like the way the blue contrasts with the red and black. Bold, sharp, and totally trendy. What do you guys think of the outfit Aiden put together? Yay or nay?

Hope you have a fabulous week! Stay stylish!

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  1. I LOVE how your little guys is dressed. Every time I see him! He's a natural cool kid - jazz hands and all! xx


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