Monday, October 7, 2013


I know it's not Thanksgiving yet, but I can't help but feel a sense of gratitude these days.

I mean, it's not every weekend that Aiden gets to be a part of NYC Kids Fashion Week and walk in the dopest show there is for children's fashion -- petitePARADE. Mind you, this is right after Heidi Klum wows the crowd with her new line, Truly Scrumptious, and P Diddy's daughters steal the crowd's heart as they strut their stuff down the runway.

It's not every weekend that Aiden walks down the runway, showcasing what's in store for Ugg Australia, with such grace and poise and sweetness. It's not every weekend that we rub elbows with designers and photographers wanting to know who's that adorable and funny little boy with the mohawk.

But this weekend it happened.

And in the midst of backstage chaos, and the mad dash to hair and make-up, and fittings and outfit changes, I stopped. I took it all in. And I felt extreme gratitude for our lives right now.

Aiden and I, we're blessed. Beyond measure. 

Aiden. Number 3.
The next day we went to Sesame Place to celebrate trick or treating at The Count's Halloween Spooktacular. We missed Opening Day/Media Day last weekend, but were able to make it this weekend. Aiden had a blast -- yet another reminder of how blessed we truly are and how far we've come.
If anybody knows how hard this single mom life is, it's me. Believe me, it ain't for the whimpers and whiners. And if anybody knows how much more I've got to accomplish as a single mom, it's me. I've got goals and hopes and dreams that need to come to fruition. And that takes work. Hard work. Smart work. 

But I've come a long way, and for that, I'm thankful. I remember rough, sleepless nights as a student-parent in grad school; I remember being so tired that all I wanted to do was cry; I remember when I first began this single mom journey and my financial problems left me with more month than money; I remember feelings of helplessness. But... there was always something to be grateful for.

Gratitude. It's what helped me to push forward.

At Sesame Place with my little ninja turtle

My life now? I'll never take it for granted. I'll never let events like this past weekend become so commonplace to me (to Aiden) that we forget how far we've come. I'll never forget to stop... and reflect... and give thanks.

Surely it's the season of thanksgiving for me.

This weekend Aiden was singing one of my favorite gospel songs by J Moss, "There's a praise on the inside that I can't keep to myself..."

I second that, kiddo. Wholeheartedly.


  1. What a super fun weekend!!!!! We saw Petite Parade on Sunday and it was amazing!!!

  2. What a great weekend! Aiden looked absolutely stylish. So happy for you both. :)

  3. Heidi is just the best thing ever!! and Aiden looks like he had a ball!


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