Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Faith, More Fight

Sometimes I get happy when I think of all the situations that I've been through in my life. Not just because I overcame the situation, but for the situation itself. I've learned how to navigate through some tough stuff, push pass messiness, and come out on the other side triumphant.

A little stronger. A little wiser. A little better.

And all because of tough situations. 

I'm not talking about becoming a mother at an age when I was still growing up, figuring out adulthood, coming of age, and trying to create a career path that makes my soul happy.

I'm not talking about when I made it through the toxic and abusive relationship with my ex and decided embrace this single mom gig. 

I'm not just talking about when I made it through graduate school as a single mother and got those two master degrees. Don't get me wrong, taking your two-year-old to class with you because you couldn't find a babysitter and didn't want to miss any of the work isn't easy.

But it's not impossible either.


I'm talking about tough situations and circumstances that took place in my life before I peed on a stick and found a positive oh-my-freaking-goodness-you're-pregnant sign staring back at me. 

I'm talking about laying on the couch with my birth mother as the marshal came to knock on our apartment door and evict us for not paying the rent. I'm talking about living in homeless shelters because we literally didn't have a place to stay. I'm talking about entering the foster care system and moving from one foster home to another because I was being physically abused.

The odds to succeed were against me. But I beat those odds.


I learned how to endure and I learned how to perseverance. I learned to have a little more faith and a little more fight. I learned that if I could just make it pass certain hard times, things will be better on the other side.

I knew that something good was going to happen if I just worked hard and excelled in school. I figured out how to be self-sufficient and solve problems at a high level. I learned the importance of being proactive and re-grouping and re-strategizing when things didn't go well the first time. Or second time. Or fifth time. I learned that defeat was a time to get back up again and start back over again.

Resilience. It's damn near half the battle, right?

Hard times helped me to learn that I need to have a little more faith and a little more fight in me. It taught me that it's okay to feel a little frustrated and a little downtrodden. But then it's time to get back up again and push pass the struggle.

A little more faith and a little more fight. Sometimes that's all it takes to get to your success. 


  1. Truly what doesn't kill us makes us stronger for the next set of battles we'll have to endure. I definitely agree that falling down is not a sign to give up but to push forward even harder and wiser to achieve the lives we deserve.

  2. Wooo. I know thats right.

    I've been meaning to ask you (and perhaps an email probably would be better)... do you still have a relationship with your biological family?

    I was in foster care and eventually was adopted. My biological family is reaching out and I'm so torn about what role they should have (in my life, and my son's life). Just wanted to know if you had any perspective on that.

  3. this is so true...'nuff said as they say!!

  4. You've overcome so much and learned from it. You're a positive role model for all those kids out there who are going through something similar - it does not have to be a hopeless cycle, they can get into a better situation with faith and hard work. If only they can keep the faith - tough when the environment is working against you.

  5. Hear hear!!! Amazing post.
    I respect you so very much, you're such a strong, determined person. I look up to you! I'm working on pushing through struggles instead of wallowing. I hate wallowing!

  6. Wow, I had no idea Alicia. You're a strong woman! You go girl!

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