Monday, August 12, 2013

{Personal Style} Little Summer Dress

dress: H&M | shoes: Aldo | necklace and ring: H&M | nails: OPI

I haven't published a personal style post in a few weeks. That's mainly because my Summer style is consisting of professional clothing during the workweek (blazers and slacks and pencil skirts) and swimsuits during the weekend. (Pools, beaches, and kid-friendly water parks are commonplace at this point.)

That's why I love Summer so much. The days are longer, the clothing is lighter, and the living is easy.

I've had this little white number in my closet for a few months now and couldn't wait till Summer so that I could whip it out. Although it features a three-quarter sleeve, the fabric is so lightweight that it's absolutely perfect for Summer months.

Paired with a bold statement necklace, a messy topknot, and trendy flats with spiked embroidery, the dress is a hit! (To me, at least.)

And so, I'm calling it my Little Summer Dress. LSD. Kinda like LBD.

I hope you all are having a fabulous Summer and making loads of fun memories. Stay Stylish!


  1. What a pretty little tunic dress. I love the colors!

  2. So cute! Love the pops of color.

    Have a great week!


  3. That dress is amazing! Love the bright details on it; perfect for summer.

  4. Totally works. I really like the bracelets too. Perfect pops of color everywhere.

  5. What a cute dress! I love the sleeves and of course, you look awesome!!


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