Friday, March 29, 2013

The Beauty of Hard Work

[At the hotel, in Philly]
Earlier this week, I was over on the Mommy Delicious Facebook page (per usual), talking about all of the things I had planned for Aiden and me during our Spring Break. Amongst the list was something for myself, such as a massage and dinner with friends. 

Then I talked about things that I had planned with Aiden: an overnight stay at St. John the Divine Cathedral for a Knightwatch Medieval Times Show and Scavenger Hunt (stay tuned for an article about this cool event on NY Metro Parents!), a trip to the Children's Museum of the Arts, a Broadway show, and an overnight trip to a nearby city (Philly) so we can stay in a hotel, play tourist, and feel as though we went "away". 

We're currently in Philly and plan to enjoy every... single... minute... of our stay.

In response to my posting, some people mentioned how lucky Aiden and I are to be able to be on the move like this. Others mentioned their jealously, albeit jokingly. 

To these responses, I have two major thoughts:
1. I work hard. And I play hard. That's no secret because I'm pretty transparent about my struggles. I do share when I'm hustling and I let y'all know that the grind is not easy. Because it ain't. This week was fun and low key and not a struggle at all. But it wasn't all fun and games. I didn't share the times when Aiden sat with me in Starbucks -- bored -- drinking organic apple juice and eating a banana while I answered emails and met a deadline. It happened. And it wasn't exactly the highlight of our spring break. But it was necessary.

So... even though I genuinely feel as though the "I'm jealous!" comments were said in jest and were completely harmless, I know what it's like to look at my Facebook Newsfeed, Twitter Timeline, or, more recently, Instagram photos and feel jealous of someone else's dope life.

I'm human. It happens. 

But I choose to focus on my own life. Because it's dope to the third power.

So... when you're having those little feelings, focus back on your own life. Because you never know what someone had to go through to get where they are. If the grass looks greener on the other side, best believe that the water bill is higher over there too. (I didn't come up with that; someone else did, but it's pretty dope and pretty fitting, no?)

We work hard in my little family of two. But we play hard too. Which brings me to my next point. 

2. Work hard, work smart, and work diligently. It's not only good for us, but it also sets a great example for our children and teaches them the value of hard work. But... take some time to enjoy all that you've worked for. Take some time to enjoy all that you're working for. 
That's the beauty of hard work -- when you get to enjoy it and reap the rewards that you were sowing.
Smell the roses. Go on a short trip. Play tourist. Do something in your own town that you've never done before. Create new memories with your children.
This is your life. 
Experience it. 
Go live it. On purpose.


  1. I think that sometimes we get caught up in people's social network lives that we forget that life exist outside of it -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I agree with both points but #2 especially rings true -- what good is working so hard if you don't get to enjoy some of the benefits?

  2. I've been the jealous of others lives sometimes jokingly, but most of the time not. Someone recently told me to stand in my truth. I don't like my current truth, but it is what it is and if I want it to change...well you know! Keep doing what you're doing.

  3. Great advice. When you think you have it bad, someone has it badder than you

  4. Word! Life is definitely not always greener on the other side. Most times not at all.

  5. Im always taking little days here and there.. and people always comment about it 'my mental health days'.. but as someone in HR.. I know that as long as you work hard,deliver the goods at work, no one is going to mind those sporadic days off.. people are always afraid to take their days of.. but id rather my time now.. rather than at separation... I keep telling people I live and enjoy.. and as tired as I sometimes get.. Im having too much fun to be on the couch all the time! :) I loved this post.



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