Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{Guest Post} Madness, Chaos, and A New Degree

Written by Tami McVey

Things had to change, and change fast. I'm not referring to one of those changes you can carefully weigh the options for, or plan ahead so things go smoothly. I'm talking a life-altering change that's thrust upon you just when you feel some semblance of normalcy with your life and children -- a workplace accident that leaves you with permanent injuries, a suddenly part-time job, a mortgage and two children you support on your own. That was what I faced almost four years ago. Although I had an education in accounting, I had spent years in the manufacturing industry working in warehouse management. Considering I couldn't lift a laundry basket after the accident, I had to think of a new "normal" in a hurry.

About two weeks after the accident happened I realized if my boys and I were going to come out of this on our feet I had to find a new way to make a living. In many ways the injury showed me I hadn't been living up to my potential or been truly happy; I was going through the motions so there would be enough money to pay the mortgage, the bills and to support my sons. Enter business school. I think I was somewhat mad. Two boys, a job (reduced to part time, but a job), an injury, and a house to take care of. I had dreams though, and this was going to happen!

Since the boys were school age, I already had childcare in place so that was one item on the list that could be crossed off. My days started at 5 a.m. and I was home by about 5:30 pm like I used to be when my job was full time, but with homework my days now ended around 1 a.m. for the year of school I needed to get the business courses that would make a good addition to my accounting background.

The best part of all this madness was the routine the boys and I established. Although there was a lot of work and stress involved, we ended up having more quality time together than we did when I was just working. When I got home I would make dinner, we'd share our days and after dinner we would all sit down to do homework. They thought that was pretty cool -- having Mom doing homework with them. They actually worked at theirs for a change! Admittedly, I had to do much of my own once they were in bed, but the hours we spent doing homework together are some of my fondest memories despite all the chaos that was going on while trying to build a new future.

If you're a mom who feels like you have the world on your shoulders and are always struggling to try to make your ends meet, you should consider furthering your education. Not only will it give you a brighter future to look forward to and a huge boost to your self-confidence, it can help you teach your children valuable life lessons and bring you closer than ever.

About the author: Tami McVey is a self-employed freelance writer, mother of two, with a shiny business degree. She's also a contributor to, a resource site for university students and parents.


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