Monday, October 22, 2012

{Personal Style} Dainty, Prissy, Pleated Skirt

Over the weekend, I joined flocks of other Columbia Alumni at Taj Lounge in the Flatiron District for Homecoming festivities, which comprised of an evening of dinner, drinks, dancing, and mingling. 

Major fun.

This delicious single momma was especially excited to mingle with one person in particular. So here’s the deal: there’s this former classmate that I’ve been enjoying getting to know. We’ve hung out a few times, and he’s smart and ambitious and kind and really, really sweet. Oh, and cute. Let’s just call him... my CU Friend. 

At Homecoming, I may or may not have touched his gorgeous face a little bit, hugged him a little longer and a little closer than the acceptable this-is-just-a-friendship-and-absolutely-nothing-more hug, and whispered sweet nothings into his ear. Loudly. In an attempt to talk over the music. But, after 3 ½ glasses of Pinot Grigio (in a 2-hour span), what else can you expect? I'm just saying...

But I digress. More on my CU Friend later. (Maybe.)

I was feeling very dainty and prissy in this cute little number. After all, you can’t go wrong with a fitted top, pleated skirt, and black sash. 

[L and I, big pimping...]
I wore the same dress a few weeks ago with a different statement necklace, and since it was quite a hit, I figured I'd try it out again, but jazz it up with patterned tights for a trendy touch. The patent pumps added a hint of elegance and the spiked clutch added a bit of edge.  

Speaking of clutches, how rocker-chic amaze is this bad boy that I scored from F21?! Love it!

What’d you guys think of the outfit?

Wait... am I allowed to say "his gorgeous face" on the Internet? Where he everyone can read it?


Have a stylish week, ya’ll!


  1. So dainty and prissy indeed. Must have been fun catching up. Oh, you've been enjoying the company of a former classmate? Nice;)
    Your necklace is so pretty, too.xx

  2. Loving the outfit! I ordered some patterned tights and can't wait to start sporting them out on the town. And we do want to hear more about this CU Friend with the "gorgeous face." LOL

  3. You look so pretty! Hope things work out with your "friend". I love pinot grigio.

  4. You look gorgeous as always. Glad you had fun making a new friend ;)

  5. The nude dress looks amazing against your skin tone.

    Miss Daja

  6. That clutch is fabulous! Great style Alicia.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress and accessories! YOU GO GAL


  8. Love the dress, very girly! Oh Lord the dating scene...

  9. I love this look for you! So feminine & gorgeous!!

  10. The outfit is just girly and the purse is pretty bad ass!


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