Monday, October 8, 2012

{Personal Style} Casually Chic in Fall Colors

Since the month of September kicked my ass like no other, I was pretty psyched about the start of this epic month. And this weekend was an epic one, from beginning to end.

["Be inspired, be brave." ~ Jay-Z's closing words on Friday night.]
From the Jay-Z concert on Friday night, to Sesame Place Halloween Spooktacular on Saturday, to getting together with... ahem... someone, to hanging out with the Harlem Globetrotters at the new Barclays Center last night, it was a weekend to remember.

[blouse: F21, jeans: Express, shoes, ring: Aldos]

For the basketball game, I decided to rock it out in fall colors in a very casually chic way. It was love at first site with this navy blouse that features a necktie and sequins on the cuffs and collar, which made for a very soft and feminine look. Love it!

[jacket: H&M]
Although I had on 4-inch heels (always), I dressed the look down with one of my favorite pair of jeans (that I had since sophomore year of college!) and finished off the look with a cropped burnt orange jacket that's perfect for Fall temps and a slightly messy top knot.

[wrist band: Harlem Globetrotters; sticker: Aiden]
If you hang out with Mommy Delicious on Instagram, then you probably saw that I'm crushing on a Globetrotter. He's hott!

And Aiden enjoyed his time in The 40/40 Club at Barclays Center and seeing the game from the press section. Sweetness.

In addition to my little guy turning five, I can't wait to see what the rest of October brings. Stay tuned...

I hope you all have a very stylish week!


  1. Girl your one weekend was more poppin than my whole year lmao. Glad you had a good time!!


  2. Love the jacket. Jealous of the jeans. And your boy is adorable!

  3. great look, i love your jacket

  4. Love the fall outfit on both you and Aiden. What a great time you've had (with that someone, too, I hope!).

  5. I just love that blouse - anything with bishop sleeves is my thing!! you look awesome!!

  6. Love that Orange jacket! You and Aiden both were stylin.

  7. OMG - Im still stuck on you going to the Jay Z concert. So jealous!

    You look amazing. 4" heels on a reg?! *bowing down* "I'm not worthy, Im not worthy!"

    1. What she said about you going to the concert!!

    2. Yeah, but Yakini went to Vegas for Blogalicious. So, ummm, I guess we're even.

  8. He turned 5: lovely!
    Adore that H&M red jacket, too.

  9. I love your jacket it's an awesome color for chocolate skin tones :)

  10. As usual, I love all your outfits! I have a blouse like the navy one and mine just don't look right on me. Argh. You and Aiden are one cool mother and son duo!

  11. I can't BELIEVE I MISSED U AT THE GAME! We were all over the place and never really sat still. Did you get the number of the globetrotter or WHAT?


  12. I love the orange jacket. Works well with the blue top. As always, you look stunning :)

  13. I am so glad this month is off to a great start. I heard the "globies" were amazing. Have a fashionable weekend!



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