Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seeing Your Ex For The First Time After A Breakup

Breakups can suck big time — we all know that. What sucks even more is when you have mutual friends with your ex, which means that you’re bound to run into said ex at one social event or another. Keep these things in mind if you think a run-in may take place:
1. Decide if you should sit this one out.
How can you know for sure that you’re ready to see them again? I mean, what if your fingers just happened to type in your ex’s name when you were logged on to Facebook, and you just happened to see their new default picture is with a potential new flame? Can you handle seeing your ex being lovey dovey with someone else? And what if, during your Facebook stalking (I mean, “research”), it appears that your ex is still single? Can you handle being in the same place and space with said ex while the both of you are unattached? If the answer is yes, then you’re good to go; if not, find something better to do that night. Yeah, you don’t want to let your ex ruin your social life, but if you’re not over it, it’s not worth it.
2. Remember the goal.
Obviously your main goal for going to any social event should be because you want to show your support to the host(s) and have a good time. But in the case where an ex will also be present, you now have a new goal: getting through the event gracefully. Without fumbling. And without slipping back into “that place” where you end up spilling your guts to your former lover about how much you still love them/need them/can’t live without them.
Head on over to HowAboutWe's The Date Report to read the rest of this article where I'm dishing about how to get through a party with your former looovvveeerrrr present.


  1. Girl! I'm lucky I don't have that problem lol. I pity the fool that gets stuck with my ex and I never liked his friends~ :) I can see how it would be tough though!

  2. Ugh, interactions with the ex are always hard! Heading over to read the rest of this article....

  3. I'm with Cicely, luckily haven't had that awkward seeing your ex for the first time after a breakup. It's been fairly smooth sailing, as we've remained friends, but there is a sense of awkwardness! It's been really important for me to set my boundaries with ex's!

  4. such an awkward time for sure!! great suggestions!

  5. I don't have trouble with such matters;-)
    I'm far too dull for men;-)

  6. Good advice, something everyone can use!

  7. Wow....great post and so true! Glad that wont happen to me here in SC, lol.

  8. I just took a deep breath and I am not even sure why!


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