Wednesday, March 28, 2012

House of Consignment Helps with eBay Selling

Fashionistas, I hope you've been tuning in to VH1's latest 10-episode reality show, "House of Consignment." If you haven't, it's not to late to play catch up.

The show features a Chicago entrepreneur and fashionista Corri McFadden, who's main mission is to improve the way women shop (and make money... hold off on the comments -- you'll see what I'm talking about in a mere moment). In the show (and in real life) Corri and her team of 20something fashionistas take in thousands of dollars worth of high-end brand items into their Lincoln Park retail store, eDrop-Off. Then, they sell the items for big bucks on... you guessed it... eBay!

{Corri McFadden}
The catch? They only take fashion items and accessories from top designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Chanel, Versace... you get my drift. If it's not couture and if it doesn't come from an exclusive designer, then it's not for eDrop-Off. Sounds kind of high-maintenance and stuck up, right?

Not quite. Corri had humble beginnings and this entire concept began as her senior project in fashion design school. Now, it's turned her into a young and successful business woman and the owner of a multi-million dollar company. Which brings me to my original point: Corri can teach us all a thing or two about how to make money on eBay. (I'm just saying...)

So... in addition to tuning into "House of Consignment" to see what the fashionistas are rocking each week and for the drama that is reality TV (let's not forget about the drama!), we can tune in to it to see just how Corri and her team does it. We can see how they take photos of items, how they list items on eBay (their choice of words for listing items, etc), how they price items, and how they ship it off. We can also see what's hot -- what's currently selling and what's not selling. Corri's no rookie. She knows her eBay stuff and it's made her some big bucks. (Not to mention that it's landed her on VH1 as well.)

Time for us to learn what Corri already knows. (And if you're new to selling on eBay, visit this post where I share basic tips for newbie eBay sellers... you're welcome!)

Who's in?

Also, eBay will host a live auction for fans to bid on one, special item that was featured in each episode. Pretty neat, huh?

Again... who's in?

{Disclaimer: As an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador, each post that mentions eBay is sponsored by eBay. All opinions expressed herein are my own.}


  1. That's so cool! I'd heard of that show, but never knew the premise til now. Ebay is such a great resource, i've made good money there as well. Love that there's now a show that features ebay!

  2. I love eBay! I made a nice little chunk of change selling Moo's baby clothes on there one summer.

  3. I am a constant eBay shopper! I must check out this show!

  4. That is really cool! I haven't seen the show but I may need to check it out!

  5. girl you make some great points. who ever knew you could learn anything from reality tv? well, other than how NOT to behave.

  6. I love that show. Most of all I am inspired by her work ethic and what she has managed to accomplish within her business in such a short time. Who would ever think that reselling on Ebay would generate millions of dollars in less than 3 years. I am contemplating starting an ebay store with thrifted items but I am a bit intimidated. I love Ebay!!


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